Runner’s Strip: The ‘J’ Word

I’m a runner. You can call me every insult in the book and I really won’t care. I will probably even laugh. But the second you call me a JOGGER…all bets are off.
jogger is a bad word
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1) What’s something that non-runners say or ask you that may annoy you?

2) Do you use runner and jogger interchangeably or do you definitely keep the adjectives in line?

3) How do you usually react to insults?
Usually I do end up laughing.
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11 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: The ‘J’ Word

  1. My mum drives me nuts! She constantly talks about how she goes for “runs” (she really does only jog) yet always refers to me as jogging. And she corrects my dad when he says he has gone for a run, saying no, you went for a jog! Arrgh!!! I try to stay calm and breathe, but it annoys me to no end!

    • haha…i totally feel like jogger brings to mind lycra in horrible colors and sweatbands too!
      okay, i’m gonna laugh even harder at ur follow-up comment tho…u’re too nice. watch out, can’t let this head of mine get too big. 😛

  2. A few weeks ago I was out running on my local bike trail. I ran past a woman walking with a little girl and the little girl said “look mommy, a runner!” and the mom said “no honey, that’s a jogger.”. Ouch! I was highly offended.

    For one I don’t think there’s any need to define “runner” versus “jogger”. If you run, you’re a runner. However, if you had to pin point it, I’m with George Sheehan: The difference between a runner and a jogger is a race entry. (not an exact quote of what he said).

  3. So, I guess great minds think alike!! I just wrote about this earlier this week. My DR told me I could start jogging again and I about went off on her!! I’m sure now she thinks I’m a complete looney but at least she knows that I don’t jog!!! Maybe that should be the theme of your next T-shirt – I would definitely need that one!!!

  4. Oh my goodness story of my life – call me anything but a jogger!!!!! They don’t say cross country RUNNERS for nothing. One of my interpretations of jogging is a shorter, bouncier stride that’s not meant for speed (e.g. something you would do after a race).

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