Running All Over the Place: Humor, Shirts and Ultra Running Gluttony

I think my brain’s been running in a million more directions than my feet could keep pace with as of late. So today’s post is going to be a bit of Arty Runnerchick updates, link loving, and randomness. It’s getting closer to what actually meeting me in real life is like, I’m the queen of talking tangents…

Humor is awes-tastic and running humor is ever BETTER! With Halloween coming up we all know the best costumes are pulling from our favorite running superstars, right? Well, check out the cartoon I’ve starting running over at Skinny Runner. This month she’s rocking the Kara Goucher bunhugger look…and looks like she’s talking Jaymo into pulling off a Shalane Flanagan doppleganger…YIKES! You can also check out the first Skinny Runner cartoon I did HERE.

runner gluttony

The pizza is hiding my chest there, but trust me it’s not hiding much.

It’s all about the ultra marathon! Da-daaang, if you thought your long run was long be ready to have some runner envy. Add to that some food envy (ummm, pretty sure the only reason I’d be able to talk myself into an ultra marathon is so I could go full-on glutton!!) I did an article for Transition to Ultra Running: What You Need to Know AND I’m also super proud of the amazing Julia loved reading her article published for Active: How I Became an Ultrarunner as well. Check both of those out.

Speaking of Active; there will be a few of my posts breathing new life over there. So in case you missed them here you now have two placesto check them out. Are you seeing double yet??

get chicking white running shirt

Yay! Hey, at least I spared you the post-run sweaty face! 😉

Running shirt news!!! I’m super excited to share that there is a special, limited edition White Shirt Version of the Get Chicking running shirt. You can check out both the white and black styles of them over at my STORE. I’ve got a new batch of my Run Your Fortune Shirts just hot off the presses too, so do run yourself over to my store. Don’t jog or race-walk though…those words aren’t allowed on this blog.

Ba-dang-da-dang…Spoiler Alert: there is soon to be another edition to the shirt line as well, so stay tuned. I know, I’m bursting with running shirt related fodder today.

Let’s end on a humorous note because we opened on one. Halloween IS coming up and if you really want to scare your friends here is what you can dress up as:

* The dirty, doper Christian Hesch. Make the costume complete and sport the board shorts and needles. Seriously, you’ll get boo’ed out of any runner party.

* The GI distressed runner post-long run. Costume musts: missing one sock, questionable brown stains. You do the math.
injured runner
* The disgruntled injured runner. It’s imperative to wear a warning sign with this costume stating that you may, in fact, bite.

Happy Saturday, my running friends! May you be off getting your miles on!

1) Do you have a running related random tangent for me?

2) Would you ever attempt and ultra marathon? Or what’s the longest race you could envision yourself doing?

3) Pick a bad Halloween costume idea and share away!

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19 thoughts on “Running All Over the Place: Humor, Shirts and Ultra Running Gluttony

  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!! Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkj!!!! I love random posts because I constantly think in random so they make me smile and I can relate:) my running tangent is that I equally want to go run again and be lazy on my couch all at the same time. Bahahaha. Have a good night!

  2. cool shit. I didn’t know you were, in the words of ZZ top, “nation wide” You certainly deserve it.

    I have pondered the ultra. When I do, I think 50k, but then I say “50k? come on, that’s not a ‘real’ ultra, only a 50 miler is.”

    So, you see where I’m at.

  3. Running related random tangent…12 weeks until my next half marathon, and I’m thinking how many races I will be able to fit into next year. 2013 is all about the bling and the starting line 🙂
    Great article about ultra running Cait, but I think that the longest distance I can contemplate at this moment is the half marathon. There is a little burning in me to do a trail run at some point so…we’ll see when/how/if that ever happens.
    Bad Halloween costume? I’ve never been to a Halloween party! We don’t really do it here in Australia, more’s the shame, so if I could go to one this year I would go as Morticia, wig and all, just to make up for 25 years of missed Halloweens 🙂

    • the countdown is ON!!! u are so going to rock that one and i bet u will cram in oh so many beautifully sweaty miles in the form of races for 2013 too!

  4. Love the random post. I couldn’t imagine running an ultra but its not a flat out “Never” so that generally means its on the cards just haven’t got my head around it yet. But probably not in this decade!!!

    Like Amy said Halloween is a non-event here so I have never really thought about costume ideas. I could always just rock up “post run”… that is always a scary sight!!!!

  5. The white tee looks super cool – was that planned?

    Also, I feel like I’d make a fantastic GI distressed runner (and I <3 your SR cartoon today, on a different but oddly related note).

    Julia is incredible, but I don't know I can deal with the thought of running that far just yet. Give me some time! And congrats on some great articles recently 🙂

  6. I can’t imagine doing anything more than a half. Ever. 🙂 Bad costume ideas? Well, not bad, but funny. One year my son was about 3 years old…chubby cheeks…lover of food so I dressed him as the Krispy Kream Man. So dang cute. Also, funny…last year I was Claire from Modern Family, basically I just wore a white tee with small paint hand prints on my boobs. It’s from the Mother’s Day episode. So funny. I saw your drawing on SR the other day. You rock!!

    • hahaha…i LUV the image of the little guy as the KK Man!! 🙂 that is adorable and BIG modern family fan over here so i luv wat u went as! how are u gonna one-up that one?? 😉

  7. I would LOVE to do an ultra. The idea used to horrify me, but the more I run the more it appeals to me. I’m thinking that my 2013 new years resolution will be to run a 50 miler. Eee! Exciting and scary!!

  8. aww I LOVE the white shirt! I wish I would have worn one of your shirts while doing my trail-race this weekend…the men were on FIRE with their comments on my kicking their booties up the hills! 🙂
    I would definitely do an Ultra!…some day soon!
    I hope your week is off to a great start Cait!

    • YES!! i’m so happy to hear u were out there and kick dude butt out there! 🙂 i think the white would be even cooler on a trail race because come the end u’d have the proof that u were getting down and dirty! 🙂 great job!

  9. I have had some tiny thoughts about doing an ultra some day. Sort of like years ago when I didn’t even run and I just had a feeling that some day I would run a marathon. Well in 2 weeks, I’ll be running my sixth. So I imagine some day I’ll find myself doing an ultra, yikes!

    • SOO cool!! and way to go, it is amazing how much we can achieve (that we previously thought impossible!) when we take it one step/mile at a time! 🙂

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