Running: Brought to you by dreams of pancakes and carbs

That long run brought to you by dreams of PaNcAkeS!!! Or insert your favorite post-run food there. Actually, you can swap out the long run for a race. Scratch that you can preeeetty much just swap that out for any run. Any distance…any food. #runners #workforit #reward #bait ??
run for pancakes
While us runners certainly can eat more than a football team, amongst those pancakes, Pop-Tarts, burgers, fries, milk shakes, etc…we DO know that in order to run our best we need to fuel our best.

The beautiful thing though, is that eating to PERFORM doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat your apples too. It’s all about balance. There are some KEY elements that all runners in training should be mindful of:

* Protein: getting enough and timing that intake
* 30 Minute Recovery: eating protein and carbs within 30 minutes of finishing a run
* Healthy Picks: insert your fruits, veggies, whole grains, quality carbs here
* Vitamins and other nutrients: IRON is sooo important for runners and ensuring they get enough!
* Hydration: it’s crucial runners ensure they drink enough fluids and more than just water, replacing those electrolytes too

But it’s ALL about balance, and even professional distance runners are allowed their cookies and burgers too. Hey, when you’re burning all dem calories you earn those treats!

This post comes in step with my latest article over on Running Times: “The Power of Protein Timing”

Good luck to all those racing, and to everyone else go out there and get your run on…enjoy every sweaty mile!! 🙂

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1) What’s your ‘drool dream’ food while running?
2) How do you keep track of your protein intake and ensuring you get enough?
3) How do you track your fruits and veggies and make sure you’re getting enough?

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10 thoughts on “Running: Brought to you by dreams of pancakes and carbs

  1. I don’t track anything and know that I don’t always get enough fruits and veggies…
    My favorite thing to have after a super long run (hours after – I rarely eat right away) is Chipotle!!! (steak burrito bowl w/guacamole)

    • okay, you KNOW i’m the biggest Chipotle addict around!! okay..the more and more we cyber-friend the more i’m starting to question if we don’t share half a brain. 😉

  2. I don’t run 16 miles (nothing near that- no more marathons for this girly! My long run is usually 8-10 now), but I love post-run pancakes. I had some this morning, actually.

    Pop tarts are also my pre-race meal of choice. 200 calories and the only thing that doesn’t bother my stomach before a race. I think it’s the lack of fiber, hehe. You’re totally right though- we can definitely splurge and enjoy sometimes, and we should. The occasional burger, fries, and ice cream make life fun!

  3. It’s all about balance, totally agree…Everything tastes better after a run, it’s a fact. I crave oatmeal and fruit and peanut butter in a serious way while running and when I feel like I am getting tired, I remind myself that I need to keep going so the food waiting for me when I get home will taste amazing because I completed my run. I don’t track calories but I track my appetite. If I am not getting enough protein, I am not as satisfied and walk around hungrier, so I make the adjustments to my diet based on how I feel.

    • i’m a carbo-holic and like you said i REALLY noticed a big difference when i started making sure i got enough protein in the day. both in feeling more satiated thru the day and then noticed in my running and body comp. balance baby, the queen of the cookies and froyo knows best! 🙂

  4. During a long run, I often dream about scrambled eggs with black beans and salsa wrapped up in a flour tortilla. That is often my post-long run breakfast in the warmer months. For some reason I don’t crave it when it’s colder outside.

  5. Swap out the dark hair for some blonde hair in your picture and that would totally be ME!!! I love me some pancakes, and after a good long run, we deserve a little indulgence!! Another reason to love your blog.

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