Running Cards Against Humanity

My roommates and I were playing a game, Cards Against Humanity, so naturally my brain wandered to how this could work for runners. Here’s the gist, everyone gets 10 cards with words of phrases on them, these are the answer cards. One person then draws from another stack of cards with a question or phrase as it, this is the prompter card. Everyone then looks through their deck of answers and puts down one of their words they think best fits.

If you’re a little confused, we’ll just get going and you’ll understand. I’ll give you some prompts….
running shoes
1) That smell emanating from the back of the room is ____________.

A) The Mt. Everest of dirty running clothes I’m putting off washing.
B) New scented BodyGlide.
C) Explosive diarrhea fumes wafting from my trail run.
D) Swassy
E) Add your card!
vibram shoes
2) TSA’s latest airline restrictions now ban __________.

A) Spikes.
B) More than 2oz of energy gel.
C) Anyone not wearing compression socks.
D) The dork who created Vibrams.
E) Add your card!

3) The last time I felt the overwhelming desire to ____________ I just had to indulge and _________________.

A) Be a glutton for punishment/skipped putting on BodyGlide before my marathon.
B) Prove my awesome directional skills/turned a 4 mile run into a 9 mile run.
C) feel on top of the clouds/ran. #endorphinhigh
D) punch someone in the face/ran the ‘surprise’ interval coach told me to…THEN punched him in the face. 😉 jk. [disclaimer: I don’t condone punching your coach in the face…haha.]
E) Add your card!
run for pancakes
4) I awoke with a start, sweat pouring down my face, I had just had my worst nightmare.

A) My Garmin stopped working during my tempo run. [side-note, I actually HAD that happen…my OCD is still trying to recover.]
B) I showed up to the track, looked down, and realized I’d forgotten to wear any running shorts.
C) I’d finished my long run, had dreamed of a mountain of pancakes for 16 miles…only to get to the diner and have them tell me it was TOO LATE…they stopped serving breakfast!!
D) Trying to do repeats on the track when all of a sudden a parade of walkers took over, walking side-by-side the full width of the track.
E) Add your card!

Did that last one give you vicarious chills?? Go…run, embrace all our quirky running humor!

What are some of the cards you would put in as answers to any of the above prompter cards??

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6 thoughts on “Running Cards Against Humanity

  1. HaHa – this was funny!! (I’ve never played the actual game but have heard about it – I think your running version is probably more fun!)

  2. Hello Cait,

    This game looks really good to play on big reunion families where normally in my scenario we struggle to find things to do when my sister and brothers come we their children for having a good time.

  3. Cards Against Humanity is such a fun and hilarious game, especially when you get a large group playing! I love the idea of doing a running-related cards against humanity.

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