Running Humor Round-up: Laugh it up and then get your miles on this weekend!

Sometimes us runners just need to laugh. 🙂
vibram shoes
running cartoon
runner legs
angry runner injured
Happy Friday my runner peeps, I thought we should usher in the weekend on a light note. May you smile, giggle, and keep running to your happy place over the weekend!
I thought it fitting to put up a few of my more comical pictures because the awesome runners over at Run the Edge seemed to like one of my Runner’s Strip cartoons enough they posted it on their wall. In case you missed that, go see it and also check out all the other awesome things Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher have going on over there! 🙂

1) What’s something that’s made you smile or laugh recently?

2) Do you have any running related humorous happenings you’d like to share? Did you smirk at someone running in jeans today?? 😉

3) What have you got planned for the weekend?

4) When you go into full hungry-miles-induced-beast mode what is your top pick for filling that stomach black hole?

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17 thoughts on “Running Humor Round-up: Laugh it up and then get your miles on this weekend!

  1. Funny to share: I was running on trails yesterday and this couple pops out onto the trail from deep in the woods. Their hair was messed up, clothes disheveled, and when they saw me the look of surprise and embarrassment was hysterical, lol.

  2. I refuel with grease. I know SO HEALTHY! but there’s nothing like a nice load of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and a greasy breakfast sandwich after a long sunday run.

    Cait I LOVE the runners leg one the best! SHIRT 🙂

    • haha…the greasy runner grub on, hey so long as the engine’s hot it’ll burn, right?? 😉 LUV that u luv the runner legs one. 🙂

  3. I have to admit, I laugh (inwardly!) at people running on treadmills at the gym with the speed so slow, it almost looks more effortful for them to be running instead of just walking. But I suppose I should give them credit for trying!

    • okay, i’ve for so long thought the same thing; sometimes actually running TOO slow is more painful because ur form is all messed up and u can’t find a rhythm. sometimes i’d like to kindly suggest they just try nudging the pace up just a bit and they’d be getting a double win! oh well, to each their own..i guess we can just smile and know we know better. and that last part totally doesn’t make me a runner snob at all, right? 😉

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