Running Invades Facebook: You Just Crushed a 5.6 mi Run

“Randy just crushed a 5.6 mi run using Nike Plus.” If social media is taking over the world, then those workout updates are the Starbucks of this new world. Every time I pull up Facebook or Twitter I feel lazy for not running or sweating at that moment, regardless of how many miles I ran earlier in the day. Am I alone in feeling like this?

I’m kidding, I think it’s cool to see/read what my friends are up to running wise and I’m guilty as the next for ‘cheering them on’ on their runs. Plus, let’s face it I’m a big Nike fan anyways…so, yea. However, I DO think it’s high time they expand on the steadfast ‘crushed this run’, ‘just started a run’, etc. dialogue boxes and tired old icons. I’ve got a few suggestions…

nike plus comic

Click to Enlarge…but no stealing please…starving artists and all, contact me if you’d like a print/copy! 🙂 Thanks!

So here’s to your training logs going viral…like me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll certainly cheer you on when you’re crushing that next run of your’s. 😉
If you like comics you can see more of the Runner’s Strip series HERE!

1) Do you have Nike Plus or any similar type of workout app that connects to your FB, Twitter, etc. account?
Actually, in a nice twist of irony I don’t…and I’m even so old school I actually pen and paper my training log!

2) Do you like reading your friends’ updates when they’re on a run or after they completed one?

3) If you had a new dialogue blurb and matching icon for your last run, what would it be?

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12 thoughts on “Running Invades Facebook: You Just Crushed a 5.6 mi Run

  1. I always feel badly when I see someone else’s long run details on facebook 😛 I also feel good for them, but even if I’ve done a run myself that day, it’s like a screaming message to get off the computer and do some activity! I like to use map my run but don’t tend to post results publicly…but I guess for some people it helps with motivation.

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day! I love that it (Nike +) holds me accountable and keeps up with my mileage. 🙂 And then there is the world fame that you attain. Oh…wait….is that just me?? LOL! I often wonder why I post it on FB…should I? Is it weird?? But this is that trap of worrying about what people think and I do it anyway. I love these captions!!! “Brandi just spit in the face of her 1 miler” Yes, one mile!! Any mile is a good thing!
    Have a great day Cait!

  3. HA! I love your art! And I like reading about people’s workouts on Facebook/Twitter as well, but the Nike+ “crushed a run” is getting old and tired. They SHOULD add more! (they should really hire you to come up with a few of them!)

    • haha…glad u like!! i kno, i see ‘crushed a run’ so many times i crack up and wonder how many of those runs were, in fact, crushed. 😉

  4. Loved all of them!! I just recently started using map my run but I don’t. Share my runs. Makes me a bit nervous these days. There are too many off the wall people out there that I am starting to worry about. I like the idea though I think it helps motivate some people and don’t get me wrong I post about my runs just on my own with only the info I want to share.

    • i agree, i don’t post my runs and don’t feel the urge to. but i kno that for some people they need the incentive and motivation…so watever floats ur boat as they say! 😛

  5. I’m on Strava, but never hooked it up to my facebook or twitter accounts. Personally, I don’t want to spam my friends with every workout.

    Strava does have a very social component to it, but more in letting you follow other local runners and their workouts/races. For me, I like that balance of seeing other serious runners workouts and where they run to get ideas for my own runs. There is some mutual benefit there.

    • okay, ‘SPAMing ur workouts’ needs to be a phrase!! i dunno if it’s the particular App, but i’ve seen people’s accounts that seem to literally update each run in pieces. ex: i just ran 1 mile!! i just ran 1 mile!! etc…in succession a few times right after the other, which makes me wonder if they couldn’t just say, ‘i ran X miles’ total ONCE!

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