Running Rocks Your Life and Runners Going Global

Running, life, games, and puzzles. We all know where things should fit in. 😉

game of life with running

world running puzzle

More running motivation HERE!!

Laughs? Cartoons and Comics HERE!


1) What was your favorite game as a child?
Hungry Hungry Hippos anyone?
2) What is one way you’ve seen runners or running impact the world and do good?
Quite a few. The Hall’s Steps Foundation, the Love Mercy Foundation, and California Runners!! Love all this!!

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6 thoughts on “Running Rocks Your Life and Runners Going Global

    • PLEASE DO check out the CA runners, they’re a new non-profit and they’re freaking awesome! 🙂 dang, you like the loooong games, i always felt too dumb to play risk. 😛

  1. OH – we are big game players here. The other day on one of the snow days from the week, we spent 3 hours playing Monopoly. I like most any board game and thankfully the boys enjoy playing games.

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