Running Shorts in Winter

So you remember how just a few days ago I was saying how running during winter can really suck?? Weeeeeell…that’s not always the case…
running shorts in california
I honestly DO feel bad for all you running out there in states that actually DO have winter weather. Snow? Sleet? Hail? Crazy-@$$ wind?? It’s not fun stuff…but it does certainly make you tougher. I mean within reason, no use running outside just FOR the torture, sometimes running on a treadmill is the smarter choice. If it allows you to avoid a potential injury and if you’re needing to run faster than outdoor conditions may allow. So treadmills ARE training tools that have their place.

That said…I’m not going to lie. I’ve run in snow, I’ve run in sleet, hail, and into crazy winds that blew me to the side. But *please karma don’t come back and bite me on this for writing the next line* not this year. So I’m going to REALLY enjoy wearing my running shorts.

The other *perk* of being a runner?? #stronglegs #awesomelegs
awesome runner legs
1) Treadmill running? How often have you been hitting the treadmill the winter?
2) What are some of your favorite treadmill workouts?
Longer repeats or tempo runs on the treadmill…doing 400’s or 200’s sorta freak me out because when the belt gets going I’m afraid I’ll get spit right off! 😉
3) I wear running shorts in public….
anywhere I can.

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8 thoughts on “Running Shorts in Winter

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of treadmill and indoor track running this winter due to the icky Wisconsin winter weather. When on the treadmill, my favorite workout is a minutes workout – I usually do one minute @ goal half marathon pace alternated with one minute @ slightly faster than easy run pace. It makes the time go by much faster!

    • great workout!! and yea, going for minutes on a treadmill is usually a lot easier than distance, all that decimal math is tricky when you’re tired. 😛

  2. I love my treadmill and do all sorts of running on it – long, speed drills….
    Funny – today I was showing our event venue to a couple for a wedding reception and the girl was wearing running shorts and a long sleeve top (it was about 20 degrees most of the day) – definitely a runner!!!

  3. It’s currently 9 degrees here, but it’s below 0 with the windchill (I think they said around -12). And there’s 4 inches on top of a nice layer of ice on the ground. I’ve been doing my fair amount of treadmill running this winter, but I’ve still gotten out there in the snow a bunch. I cannot wait until shorts day return! As soon as it gets to 40 degree I’m in shorts 🙂

    And the best perk of being able to run in non-winter conditions? Less laundry!

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