Running: You wanted honest

Running can be your most simple relationship if you let it. It will give you the truth, even on days when the truth hurts. But other days the truth is SO awesome you have to stare at the watch a few times just to make sure it’s actually THAT awesome.

running is honest

So let your relationship with running stay simple. Don’t let your head over-complicate things. Don’t fight it, relax to run fast. Don’t doubt, don’t believe your brain when it says “this hurts…I’m done.”

Running. Can you handle THAT much honest?? 😉

Tips on keeping your brain from making things too complicated:
Dealing With Pre-Race Nerves
Bad Workouts and Races
Stay Relaxed to Run Faster
Burned Out? Get the passion back.

1) How do you keep your running relationship simple and healthy.
Biggest tip is to just remember you love it and have fun with it. Don’t lose the fun part.
2) How do you manage your pre-race nerves?
3) How do you make sure not to ‘fight it’ when you want to run faster?

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8 thoughts on “Running: You wanted honest

    • Thanks and I’ll tell you a secret…I was TORN with using that tagline for the track for just what you said!! I kept on there because in the end I thought, the track will only play mind games with you if you let it. Don’t let that bugger get in your head and intimidate you from reaching your goals. 😉

  1. I love that little comic strip… especially the last one. Running is brutally honest and I have to remember the mind games really are all in my head.

    I think the track sometimes does play games, though. Sometimes it just looks like a long ways around. Or is that in my head?? 🙂

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