Santa Done Me Good! The Ho Ho Holidays Recap

Well, I have to say the big fat man was good to me this year! Bear with me as I take a quick moment to get a wee bit sentimental as I am one lucky runnerchick to have such an amazing family and wonderful friends…it’s been a great past few days as we’ve made the holiday tour of duty!

Woke up today and decided that it’s never too late to try and give Rudolf a runfor his money. I lost, but I did get in a little tempo run on the treadmill…even had the distraction of the last dregs of Christmas movies playing. Then because of this little foot of mine I did my cool-down on the elliptical, all in all a great way to start the day, though I was especially tooty-fruity, I guess those last bits of sweets last night put me over the edge!

on wesley's lap

Little bro's pretty close to Santa...

Now on to the REAL news here, THANK YOU Santa for the Garmin!! How did you know? Actually I was fully surprised since it must have cost you an arm and a leg, but maybe you were able to outsource and substitute the appendages of some poor, unlucky elf…I only hope for fairness he was on the naughty list.
paul frank pants
You also know that it’s the stocking of a runner when there are sports bars and socks mixed in with the candy-canes. Though, the Paul Frank pants wouldn’t make for a right pick for getting my sweat on…

I also really loved the bracelets my sis got me: Trust Your Journey charms, one for each of us.

I hope the parentals enjoyed what I got for them…I promise I didn’t get it all sweaty. My mom is a bit of a sucker for the ‘personal touch’ type things so I did her a bit of art and got it screened onto a purse. A portrait of my two younger sibs…

shay and wes

Little bro, little sis, little Tito pup

For the siblings I got them a little something but really I know there is nothing like adding in the cash money.

The gifts though aren’t the holiday (wow, I think I may actually mean this, which means I am no longer my 8 year old self…I’m getting old) and the true joy was in fact just sitting around and chatting it up with the fam bam.

1) How as Santa to you this year? Were you a good runnerchick or runnerdude?

2) Did your own workout offer you up a not so tasteful reminder of the last few days of foodfest, I only hope the burps had the air of candy-canes or something sweet?

3) Name one of your highlights from the holidays.
Me: “Which one is from Santa, which one do you want me to open up first?”
Dad: “The present that says ‘From: Santa’ on it.”

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14 thoughts on “Santa Done Me Good! The Ho Ho Holidays Recap

  1. YAAY for your new Garmin!! How awesome!! I love my Garmy 🙂

    And aww I love the photos of you and your fam! You guys are all so beautiful! Haha I love that you’re in your workout gear- I’m definitely known for doing that!

    One of my highlights was my crazy old aunt (unintentionally!) getting me a book about incest. I can’t wait to get stuck in! 😛

    • hahaha…u totally called me out! i forgot to make a make fun of my total dweeb status for wearing the obvious workout clothes!!! lol. oh, and crazy aunt stories are THE BEST!!!

  2. YAY Santa!!!! I thought I heard a scream this side of the Pacific Ocean 🙂
    I was lucky I scored some concert tickets, a ticket to a musical, some earrings for my newly pierced ears, some more kitchenware (because this chickpea really needs more…) and some books.
    That was a lovely gift for your Mum Cait, my sister and I had no idea what to get our Mum so we got a diary for 2012 and penciled in ‘dates’ with Mum for next year. Something to do every month so that we have lots of memories to look back on next Christmas.
    You have a beautiful family Cait, they are so lucky to have you. You are the most amazing arty runner chick that I have the fortune to know. Merry Christmas friend and a happy new year 🙂

    • awww, ur comment made my day! u are the most ROCKIN chickpea this side of the…hmmm, wait a minute i dunno how best to phrase that, so i’ll just have to say u’re the best chickpea of this side ANd ur side of the equator! 😉 so happy u had a wonderful xmas too!

  3. Looks like such a funtastic Christmas with your fam!! And YES to the Paul Frank pants, those are HOT. Wear them as warmups to the next race you do! 😀

    And YAYYYYYY for the Garmin!! I got one too, the 410….I’m super confused and hate technology so I wish it would figure itself out for me, but I can’t wait to put it to use!!

    And lolz at the post-christmas workout….thankfully the majority of tooty frooty foods i.e. cannoli, were consumed Christmas Eve, and Christmas was a rest day so no one at the gym had to suffer 😀

  4. Santa spoiled me FLAT ROTTEN!! I too received a Garmin…running shoes, running tights, ETC. 🙂
    I ran yesterday, and it surprisingly felt pretty decent!!
    The holiday was filled with so many great family moments. I was so happy. 🙂

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