September Miles Madness Challenge Week 2 Update

We’ve already torn through the midway point of the September Miles Madness Competition and you guys are doing AWESOME! In looking through the numbers, most of you guys have bested yourselves from Week 1 and those results will be shining through in your upcoming races and workouts. Running is all about consistency.
Team Cait
So where do we stack up against Team Ashley? The totals look like:
Just Week 2 Team Cait: 401.29 596.17
Just Week2 Team Ashley: 593.6

Running Total Team Cait: 964.3 1162.18
Running Total Team Ashley: 1183.4

[Note: OKay, so because I got last minute responses to some of the runners I did one update tonight with these totals. However, as of now Week 2 is officially closed and the numbers are in…I’m going to have to be a hard-butt now and stand firm. 😉 GREAT JOB you guys and we are closing the gap!]

So as you can see we’ve got a little ground to make up on Team Ashley, but I’m not worried. races are run from smart pacing and I know my team are going to be rallying come crunch time. So let’s get after those miles, runnerchicks and runnerdudes! 🙂

And here is a closer look of the individual stats for my kick butt team:

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14
Ali @ Running With Spatulas 14 14
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16
Patty 6 5
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 58
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10
Kathy 11.23 11.25
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69
Staples 89 96
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32
Melissa 24 26
Dennis 47.5 33
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30
Steph 16 17.6
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13
Janelle 31.69 36.88
Janneza 6
Runner for Life 50
Weekly Total: 566.01 596.17
Running Total: 566.01 1162.18

Great job to all of you and your excellent training. I’d also like to do some quick shout-outs to a few of our team members:

Julia @ Pain, pride and perseverance went on a REAAAAALLLY long run this weekend. Actually it was a race…she just conquered the ultra and in finishing the 50 Mile Northface Endurance Challenge she proved to herself and everyone else just how much will, tenacity, and drive can force the human body to conquer extreme challenges. And don’t forget to add to that the ability to dream big and set big goals, like 50 miles worth of goals, maybe?? 😉 And let’s be honest, all of us are a little jealous of the full-on post-race assault she could do on the grub-train afterwards. CONGRATS, Julia!
Another shout-out to Mr. Staples over there for just about kissing the 100 miles/week mark. Let’s tip our little running hats or do a Garmin beep salute to our heavy hitter.

I know you all are getting it done out there, so if you have a race or something that you are proud of for the week and want a little what’s-what send me a line and brag on yourself. And you could wind up a spotlight superstar. I mean a superstar on the already coolest team ever, well sheesh, that puts you up there darn near Mo Farah…you get the picture. 😉

Keep up the awesome work guys and hope you’re having a great Sunday!

1) What’s a highlight for you over the past week?

2) What’s a goal you’d like to achieve for Week 3?

3) What have you been up to this weekend, running and otherwise?

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11 thoughts on “September Miles Madness Challenge Week 2 Update

  1. Hi Cait, thanks for the shout out! =) I keep planning to take a day off, but i’ve been icing, stretching, etc, enough to feel refreshed enough to keep heading out each day with no problem. I had a minor achilles issue earlier in the week, but was able to ice it and it was magically better the next day. Instead of taking a day off, i’ve been forcing myself to run slower on my recovery days (10-12 miles), but I may take a day before the end of the month. Hoping to start racing in mid to late october.

    My highlight this week was a long run in the pouring rain one night. I had to slow down because I couldn’t see well in certain areas, but I felt great. During the run I ran by this new middle school that opened last year, so I decided to jog behind it to see if they had tennis courts or a basketball court my roommate and I could make use of sometime and they have a TRACK!!! I was blown away, I had no idea it was even there, and its only three miles from my apartment! Perfectoooo location! =) Next week I have my first legit workout planned (8x1000m), so i’m looking forward to that!

  2. This week I hope to beast my 13 mile run on Saturday :). BTW, I had a race which is why my numbers were lower (tapered for the race and it was shorter than what I would have normally run). I like the challenge so far and congrats to Julia on her race and accomplishments!

  3. Yay Team Cait!! We are doing so well!
    A highlight of my week? 2 x 7 mile runs and an 8-miler in the same week was pretty awesome.
    I am so ridiculously happy for Julia, she is an amazing runnerchick!!

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