Seuss Gets Hi-Jacked by a Runner

Move over Sam I Am, there’s a runner here about to tell her own story…
cait i am

…enter that darn fox…
fox in socks

…you know you want to try this one…
fish on treadmill

…a little running from with the Lorax…

..and of course the Grinch gets face time…

…need I say more?? 😉
excited runner

Hope you enjoy my Seussical rendition…snag a running shirt HERE! 🙂 Cait I Am is Out!

1) What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss story?

2) If you could meet and pal around with any Seuss character who would it be?
Cat in the Hat is too obvious…I’d like one of those pocket sockets or something.

3) What is a random thing you could do in one of my running shirts? 🙂

best running shirts

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30 thoughts on “Seuss Gets Hi-Jacked by a Runner

  1. Such a fabulous post!! You are so talented! After years collecting the Dr. Seuss books and reading them with my boys it is hard to pick a favorite – Fox in Socks is pretty high on the list.

  2. You are too cool for skool. This rocks!!!! I love the grinch in the chicking shirt!

    I feel a bit tortured though looking at your shirts… my run your fortune and white chicking are wrapped up and not for opening until Chrissy day 🙁 Boo hoo!

    Can’t wait to wear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love Dr. Seuss and love this too! My fave is The Lorax – I have a tattoo that relates to the book…. got it because of the book, not the movie (got it done way before the movie came out)!

  4. Got to love Dr Seuss, especially when one of my idols at university who is like a triple-doctorate-smartest-woman-I-know quotes him during her lectures 🙂
    I kind of loved Cat in the Hat, but I think I’d need to be medicated to spend any amount of time around him!
    I also love my ‘Run your Fortune’ shirt, the most random thing I have done in it? Well, I ran a 16km yesterday wearing it and smiled the whole way, which isn’t really that random given the endorphins I was pumping out at the end 🙂

    • umm, everyone should be quoting the seuss!! 🙂
      YES for perma-smiles on your long run…girl, i’m so proud of u’re kick@$$ training over there and i can’t wait to watch u rock that half!! keep getting my shirt all nice and sweaty. 🙂

  5. Love the Dr. Seuss rendition!
    My kids and I love the little “Too Many Daves” (in The Sneetches) and the book Oh Say Can You Say. I think I’d like to spend the afternoon with the Grinch. He makes the best faces!

    I’m going to go and check out your shirts right now! 🙂

    • haha…i think u’d be one of the first to actually pick the Grinch to go for a play date. 😉 jk…u’re right though, his faces rock. 🙂 and thanks for checking out my shirts!

  6. Cute shirts/tops. Hmmm…tempted to get one for Chinese New Year (my mom makes it a rule that we’re don in new stuff from head to toe on the first day of CNY!).

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