Seven Links to Runnerpeeps and Some Things Shouldn’t be Cooked

Hello writer’s block. I have no idea where this post will go, nor something funny to open with…not that I ever really am able to open up rather quippy. So let’s see where this stray brain will lead us…

girl sunk

I'm inspiration...

We’ll start with this: the running world is crazy small, I mean it’s dinky. I say this because it seems like every runner somehow, some way knows a person, who trained with so-and-so, coached so-and-so, or something like that. Forget the whole Kevin Bacon thing, I think there should be something like a seven links to Bill Squires. Don’t know who that is, Google, baby. 😉

I say that because I was talking on the phone with one of the coaches getting her team the Runner’s Training Log I’ve made and we kept hitting points in the conversation with, “Wait, you know them, did you know that they used to be coached by so-and-so and so-and-so was the person who used to coach me back in the day!” or “Wait, you know that person, oh my gosh, my runner friend works with them managing all these races.”

It’s cool because even just out and about in ‘real life’ (runner life world is far better btw…haha) you bump into a runner and chances are somehow, some way you guys are connected through the WWRT…World Wide Runner’s Trackwire. Try it, it’s fun…maybe it works like that in bloggy world? Who knows…

Next up, I’ve been meaning to say this but keep forgetting….there is this road close to my new place named: Dick Cook. Not even Dick Cook Road or Street…every time I pass it I smirk. How immature am I? Then again, what a tempting appetizer that sounds like, no?

crocodile eating hotdog

I’ve just started working on a new project so I just finished doing some 1950’s style moms. It makes me wonder if I would have really ‘lasted’ back then. I mean, sports for girls weren’t really there and there is no way I could live wearing poodle skirts and the like back then.

Though I know I couldn’t really cut it as a ‘rebel’ bad girl either…I don’t like tight leather pants anyways. Nerd? Maybe, I mean I know I’m a dork but maybe I just wouldn’t be smart enough to make the cut. So where the heck would I fall? Would I just be the really weird girl no one would even talk to because I just somehow still managed to find running and spent my free time running around? Did they even have treadmills back then? If so, did they go faster than 10 min/mile pace?

dog snooki

Insert random Boston Terrier fist pumping like Snooki...I made this for my sis when she got her new puppy. 🙂

I guess that’s it for this chick for now. I’m out! For those who care, do you even need to ask if I ran today? 😉

1) Do you notice that the running/fitness would is funny small? Do you have an example where you stumbled upon a stranger who’s really not a stranger thanks to so-and-so?

2) Who the heck comes up with street names? I wonder sometimes. What’s a funny street name you’ve seen?

3) 1950’s, where do you think you’d land amongst the populous?

4) What are people listening to these days? What’s the last song you heard?

I was in my sis’s car and it was Taylor Swift.  But my roommate has some crazy old song on that I i don’t know who it is; I don’t know if I should count that because it’s not exactly my choice to have it playing…

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6 thoughts on “Seven Links to Runnerpeeps and Some Things Shouldn’t be Cooked

  1. Well, I don’t really know anyone through the running world. But that’s okay, this woman is a solo stumbler along the footpaths or treadmill belt as it were.
    I often wonder about street names myself. I live in Love Street. Which, is kind of hard to resist liking as a name for where you live. Around my workplace they seem to have gone for a classical literature theme with Rochester Tce (Jane Eyre) and Ramsgate St (Mansfield Park).
    The 1950s? Oh I totally would have been the nerd with the big thick glasses and the checked skirt and petticoat always falling down and bobby socks. Be my lunch table buddy?
    The last song I heard was Edge of Glory gotta love the GaGa when you are working out!

  2. I feel like everyone that I meet lately has some connection to blogging…or if I meet a new blogger…they are from Utah. Its getting a little creepy. haha. sooo i think blogger must hate me because I swear I updated your blog link and I am still missing posts. I am just not sure what direction my life will go if I do not have your blog in my life so I am going to now try and add it AGAIN. haha. And dang it…I can’t think of any funny street names or even the last song I heard…sad. have a good day friend!! thanks for “liking” me 😉

    • sheesh, all u up in utah are on some mission to take the world by force and u’ve started by blogging. 😉 okay, and i wonder what in the heck is up with my new site not doing updates?!?! i didn’t want to say anything, cuz i didn’t want to be ‘that’ girl, but since u brought it up….haha. i had noticed after i had just posted something then went over to ur blog to stalk u, the little ‘new update’ link of mine that usually was up there wasn’t there. :/ forget u blogger! haha. ummm, and if they had a ‘love’ u button i’d have gone that route. 😉

  3. Hahahahah Dick Cook!!!!! That is hilarious, I would snicker every time I passed it too! The running world is very small. Having not run in my school days (sports girl, here) but coaching it now, my co-coach who was an XC and Track runner seems to know EVERYONE. It’s nutty! You runners are so cool- I can only try to be like you 🙂
    Um.. is it wrong that I feel like I miss you? It’s been such a crazy summer and I haven’t been able to give your gorgeous new blog the loving it needs. Last song I heard was “Get Busy” by Sean Paul. Hellllllls yes.

    Oh- and in lacrosse, we HAD to wear skirts. It was bullshit. I hated it!

    • i guess the street name could be worse lest they reverse the order. 😉 ummm, ya, so i’m missing u like crazy!!! but i take it as a good sign being that u’re out and in the ‘real’ world actually living and doing stuff!! haha. ok, and u are one cool runner babe, stop trying to deny it. 😉

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