Some Food For Thought…But Mostly Humor

So toady I thought I’d throw up a few graphic designs I made as marketing suggestions for a local grocery store. They are only in the Northwest, US so chances are you don’t have one close to you. New Seasons is an awesome place, you can get sucked in for hours if you are a foodie, and they make it a point to support local farmers and businesses. They also have lots of organics and are green minded. This isn’t a sales pitch at all, I have no paid deal with the store, I’m only giving you some background so that you ‘get’ some of the jokes. They’re like a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Who said healthy isn’t sexy? 🙂

This one wasn’t for New Seasons…but who can get enough shrimp and poop jokes? jk.

Okay, you may or may not find Pop-Tarts there. I know they aren’t organic or local, but in posting up food things I couldn’t resist showering the toaster tarts with love! 🙂

At any rate, yay for funny foods! Hope you enjoyed and because I don’t have my name on each and every one of them, yes, they are mine and if you swipe my original work I will hunt you down and pummel you. 😉

Don’t sweat, there may be a little lacking of running related material today BUT being as every other post is dripping sweaty with such things I implore you to get your endorphin fix there for today. However, yes running is the best and we should all be getting our sweat on. 🙂

1) Favorite fruit or veggie?

Wow, I love I think them all. But especially apples, kiwis, broccoli, and carrots.

2) Favorite protein?


3) Do you agree that food is costing WAY too much these days?

Yes, it’s scary. I have thought about opening up a shrimp farm in my bathtub.

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7 thoughts on “Some Food For Thought…But Mostly Humor

  1. you are SO talented girl! i love these! fruit and veggies. chicken. yes. okay…i gotta go get a post up of my own now 🙂

  2. I love mangoes and bananas…baby carrots and asparagus!
    Fave protein in terms of taste – nuts and nut butters…in terms of quality (as in higher protein per serving) – hemp seeds/powder.
    I love the idea of shrimp in your bathtub! I can just picture you picking out the ones you're going to eat fir dinner! You should draw a cartoon of that!

  3. thanks julia, u're too sweet! 🙂

    haha…great idea christina, i luv it! i may just have to swipe that one from u. 😉

  4. You're such a fun/ talented artist!
    Love cherries, watermelon, oranges, mangoes. Totally with you on the shrimp.
    And YEAH what the freak is up with food prices?????

    PS: Thanks for the 5k vote of confidence. That's exactly what I think I "can" do as well. We'll see if it happens though :). The nice thing about 5ks is you can have a billion chances to get 'em right 🙂

  5. thanks for the props margs! 🙂 don't get me started on food prices, i swear next time at check-out i'll just offer them up my first born child.

    glad my thoughts were right in line with wat u already were thinking, that's wat ur workouts indicate…so go out there and get 'er done! 🙂 but like u said, do ur best, and watever the outcome there are a bazillion more 5k's to do whenever. 🙂

  6. for sure u can farm shrimp in a tub with me!! oh and pop-tarts will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. 🙂

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