14 thoughts on “Summer is Your Chance: Races, Opportunities, Transitions and Plenty of Running Excitement

  1. It brings freedom to mind.
    I’ll be running my first marathon in a week and more races and training to come throughout the summer!
    This summer has marked my change as a runner in learning how to better train and run.
    My next step after my marathon is an ultra race

  2. Transition is the right word for sure this summer! But fortunately like you said there are a ton of exciting track meets to get inspired and make the transition a fun one!!!

    • u’re rock-starring this transition period and i kno u’ll come out of it stronger both as a person and a runner. soak up all these awesome races, all the excitement will be perfect fuel for fodder come ur return to racing. 🙂

  3. Summer brings to mind spending extra time with my kiddos without being on a set schedule. I love summer vacation. I will be using this summer to train for my upcoming fall marathon schedule! And as for my running I would say it is going strong right now and if I keep training smartly I believe I will be were I want to be in January 2013 when I do my big Goofy Challenge.

    • i’m so glad u get to spend time with the wee ones…they grow up sooo fast!! my own sibs are now released from school so i’m gonna be getting the most of then i can. 😉

    • AWESOME goals!! hey, keep working and u never know, u’ll be surprised how quickly u can improve. regardless, i kno u’ll hit those times one of these days then move onto faster PR’s. 🙂

  4. Here we’re heading in to winter, but in some ways it gives similar opportunities – I find it hard running long runs and pushing myself in the middle of summer, so winter is when I can really consolidate the longer distances!

    • awww, all my lovely runner friends in the lower hemisphere, bust out those long sleeves and stay warm! i’m a weenie in frigid temps so i hope it’s not that bad for u! 😛

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