Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

With running, actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. Though if we put some words to those actions…
[click to enlarge, but please contact me if you’d like prints! 🙂 ]
running to win text
In case you missed last Sunday’s Morning Running Inspiration

1) What are you grateful for this Sunday?
2) Take a minute and dedicate at least one mile of your run to a friend, person, or injured running NOT able to run today. Who are you running that mile for?
3) What is one line of text you’d add to this picture?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

  1. Wonderful running inspiration as always Miss Cait. I checked this out before I headed out for my first run of the week 🙂 and I am sure it helped me with flying through the miles this morning! I am grateful for runner friends, house hunting, and bags of peanut m&ms that my Mama keeps lying around the house….(hence the run this morning).
    One line from me? No day but today.
    After all, we run the day, or the day runs us 🙂

    • omg, i LOVE the line!!! and so true. 🙂 and we also know that a day sans a run leaves some pretty beastly people in the wake…lol.
      i’m glad you had a wonderful run, My Dear, and hurrah for all those m&m’s waiting for you at the house. 🙂

  2. I love these 🙂 Just like last week’s, I feel like this one could also be a motivational poster. This past Sunday I was grateful for an extra day off of work, so that I could get a Monday morning long run in.

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