Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

Running is a test. We take it willfully and grade ourselves accordingly.
[Please contact me if you’d like prints! 🙂]

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More Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

More Running Motivation

Wear Your Inspiration

1) How did your last test run go?

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

  1. I have been thinking, our new (hopefully if all goes well) house would not be complete without one of your prints on the wall Cait! I will have to contact you about getting one printed 🙂
    A perfect way to make our house feel like a home and make sure I lace up those running shoes every day!

  2. I love these running inspiration pictures! My last run was yesterday’s half marathon on the treadmill and it went pretty well. I was glad I was able to stay mentally tough enough to get the miles in on the treadmill, as it was 3 miles further than I had ever run on a treadmill. I had to do my long run on the ‘mill because we have over 2 feet of snow on the ground outside and yesterday we were also having winds up to 20 mph, which was causing snow drifts on the road. I cannot wait until spring!

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