Sunday Morning Running Inspiration: They’ll Never ‘Get’ It

Many a time has a runner been told they’re ‘too obsessed’ with this running thing. I admit runners may be a wee bit on the crazy side, and obsessed isn’t such a bad term. [Better to be obsessed with running than meth…right?] But the reality is, rather than waste our breathe even trying to explain it to these people, who clearly will never ‘get it’…our precious O2 is much better spent oxygenating those hard-working running mitochondria. 😉
i run to be happy
More Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

1) Do you try to explain it to people who question why you run, or how you are so motivated?
2) Best funny quip you’ve given to a person who says with scorn that you’re ‘too into’ running or fitness?
3) What’s inspiring YOU this morning?

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