Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

You’re a runner. You’re special. It’s okay to think that.
runner words[Click to enlarge, but please if you’d like prints of any work you see here contact me! 🙂 ]
PS- For all you runnerdudes just pretend that the hair isn’t there. Unless you’ve got long hair, double points if you’ve got a mullet! The words still apply, maybe the could be added on to the arms…
MENTAL head games tips HERE

1) What are your Sunday plans? Sunday runday status?
2) Come up with a line of text you would add to this.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

    • get after it, how’d it go??!! remember running is SO in the mind, go into your run without questions, “I’m running 7 miles” rather than “I hope I can run 7” 🙂

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