Sunday Morning Running Motivation

Running presents a very simple goal…

running motivation art
Keep pushing through to that other side my Runner Friends. It makes us feel alive! 🙂

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1) Did you race this weekend?
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3) The last time you weren’t so mentally tough, why, and what are you going to do to be tougher next time?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Motivation

  1. I love that I get these on a Monday morning – the hardest morning to get out of bed!
    I tried to go out for a run today, but the weather was not having it! So I plonked myself down on the exercise bike and wound along an invisible road while reading a book 🙂
    Have a great Sunday run friend!

    • oh dang, i need to rename these ones for all my OZ friends! 🙂 but it’s true, motivation comes in handy for mondays too…lol. dang, sorry that weather was being a bugger but nice that you got some solid reading time while sweating it out on the bike! i’ve never understood how people read and run on the treadmill, i can do the reading on a bike though. 🙂

  2. I raced this past weekend, and I definitely pushed way out of my comfort zone! It was my first trail race, and on top of that there was 3 inches of snow on the ground. The snow was in the process of melting during the race, so I was running through a mixture of snow, slush, and at times ankle-deep mud. Very, very challenging race for me. The next day I was nearly as sore as I was after my full marathon!

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