Sunday Morning Running Motivation


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That said, runners DO look pretty stinking awesome...kicking butt sure does come with added perks. 😉

My latest article on Competitor: Patience, Progress, PRs: The Three Tenets Of Running Success

1) Do you get annoyed when people yell at you while you’re running? Not just catcalls or lame come-on’s but anything.
2) Runnerdudes, what are some of the annoying things people yell at you?
3) Finish this…”I feel most beautiful…”
After feeling ON in a workout or race. I’m not just saying that cuz either…it’s my honest answer.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Motivation

  1. In general I like to be left alone, but if someone wants to yell to be encouraging like, “Good job!” I’m fine with that. In Costa Rica we saw a guy putting in a solid training run, so we stopped to cheer for him as he passed us.

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