13 thoughts on “Tackling Your Long Run: Always easy or is there a time to put the hammer down?

  1. I really really love this post! Being a new runner, I just want to run all of the time, but I know that would just hurt me. Even with the running that I do, I still have a tendancy to want to over do it. Plan a run, run longer. I don’t really stick to my scheduled run. Grr.
    I can’t express how much a long run is such a mental game! Even being a baby runner, this knowledge came very fast to me. I believe the legs can take more then we realize, but our minds are our worst enemy!
    Great post Cait!

    • oh yes, u girl don’t even think about those double digit runs yet…mkk!!! u keep being smart, BUT i love the motivation because that’s going to be wat keeps u going and IMPROVING as you get ‘older’ in runner years…hehe.

  2. I did my first 10-miler in a long time on Saturday. I got through it, but digestive troubles were… eh, yucky. Portapotties suck!

    I like the half marathon training I’m doing right now because it’s a lot like what you described- there isn’t a long run every single week. There are long runs but then “cutback weeks”, and I think that’s helping my recovery. Long runs definitely build confidence though, they do something mentally that races and shorter workouts don’t do…

  3. i love to approach my LRs with a progressive thought process. I generally try to start as easy as possible and keep it easy till at least halfway and then reassess. if im still feeling great then i gradually pick up the pace and try to finish strong! i love that feeling because it leaves me feeling awesome, positive and confident! i kinda heart LRs for sure:) esp the laziness and refueling after parts:)

  4. I really like mixing up the speed in my long runs, because whilst some days I drift off when running and the time goes quickly, other days I don’t and the long run can feel like a long time!! Changing the pace adds a bit of variety. I like your list of examples of how to mix it up – thanks 🙂

    • helping the time pass by faster is one AWESOME point i didn’t add so i’m glad u brought this up!! it helps pass those miles…but funny how the recovery intervals seem to whiz by so much faster than the hard ones. 😉

  5. Excellent post! Great tips too. I just bookmarked it :-).

    Changing pace is great – and you feel amazing after finishing a surge. I’m now 1 1/2 months away from my first marathon, so the sessions are getting longer, but I’m feeling fitter, and getting better and better at endurance and mental preparedness.

    What are you training for atm?

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