A Gold Medal Mind: My interview with Dr. Jim Afremow

dr. jim afremowTo run and race your best it’s critical you’ve got the right mindset. Dr. Jim Afremow has made it his mission to help runners and athletes of all sports hone their mental training. Just as important and the physical workouts, an athlete’s mind can create a champion or turn into one’s own worst enemy. I wanted interview Dr. Afremow both because I respect his body of work and level of expertise and also because, let’s be honest, the psychology of our sport in straight-up fascinating! Often time elite athletes have trouble putting into words exactly how they get into gamer mode…so read on to hear a mental game’s coach put words to the ability:




1)    What got you started in athletics, and what were your favorite sports growing up?


I grew up on sports and physical activity primarily through my father who appreciated the importance of having an active lifestyle. He especially enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing, and participating in Masters track and field. As a youth, my favorite sports included track and field, soccer, and golf.


2)    How did you foray into becoming a mental games coach and working on the sports psychology end of the spectrum?


Sports psychology provides the perfect opportunity to bridge two of my passions: sports and psychology. I have always been fascinated by human behavior and how all of us can learn to reach our greatest potential. I earned a doctorate in sports psychology and a Master’s in counseling, both at Michigan State University.


3)    You work with a variety of athletes in different sports, but in working with runners what are some of the most common mental hurdles they struggle with?


Mental toughness is equally import to physical strength when it comes to shining in sports. Adversity strikes all athletes in different ways at different times. Runners must learn how to stay focused and confidently move through any kind of setback, such as a mental block, performance plateau, prolonged slump, or injury. They must also develop ways to reduce off-field issues or concerns that interfere with their training and races.


4)    Confidence is a big one with runners and racing, and confidence tends to ebb and flow, be it after bad workouts or ongoing injuries. What are some of the techniques you use to help runners rebuild and remain confident in themselves and their abilities?


Confidence is a beautiful thing! Confidence in yourself and your athletic ability is critical to performing your best when it matters most. One strategy for boosting your confidence is to remember a particular occasion when you triumphed over a difficult challenge and write about how you made it happen—memory is the prelude to memorable performances.


5)    Race day nerves tends to be another big one, what are some of your suggestions for keeping your racing nerves in check?


First and foremost, understand that pre-performance anxiety is how our body readies itself to perform at its peak. So, recognize anxiety for what it is―that’s how humans are made. If you know that, it helps to normalize race day nerves. My new book The Champion’s Mind presents scores of practical tips to help you harness anxiety and use it to your advantage.

6)    In running and in athletics in general what is something you feel is an especially crucial mental component in being your best, if not THE best?


Have a big-picture goal and chip away at each and every day. “When you’re good at something, make that everything,” said tennis legend Roger Federer. All it takes is all you’ve got!


7)    What’s your favorite mental tip for runners to race and run their best?


During competition, the key word is “performance” because if you focus on performing (rather than on any results or other extraneous factors), then you’re totally in the present. Being in the present and staying purposeful lets you “own the moment” and maximize your abilities.


8)    What was the greatest lesson or piece of advice you’ve been given either from a mentor, teacher, or athlete that you’ve applied to your work?


One important lesson is that we either win or we learn. Forget about losing and focus on continual improvement. Give yourself credit where credit is due and celebrate what you did well. But then if you didn’t do as well as you wanted, say, “What did I learn from this that’s going to help me perform better next time?”


9)    Tell us about your book, your services, and your website?


The title of my new book is, “The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” (Rodale, 2014). The Champion’s Mind explains “what” athletes can do to champion themselves and “how” they can do it. That is, how athletes can fine-tune their game mentally and emotionally to consistently perform at their best. If you want to discover how great you can be and how much fun you can have in your sport, don’t leave the mental game to chance or circumstance.


So, I provide individual and team sports psychology services for personal excellence, peak performance, and team success. Although my private practice is located in Phoenix, I work with athletes from all over the world. Important topics include confidence, concentration, composure, communication, and commitment. All athletes can and should learn how to think like a champion. For more information, please visit my website: www.goldmedalmind.net.


10)Ultimately, what is your goal in being a sports performance specialist? What gives you the most sense of pleasure and fulfillment?


To help people reach their true and full potential in sports and all other demanding endeavors. To help people grow as athletes and as people. Champions think gold and never settle for silver or bronze. They understand that personal best is their ultimate victory. Why settle for anything less?

Ezzere’s Bringing the Party to YOU!!

I had SUCH an amazing time celebrating the launch of my fitness fashion brand, Ezzere!! Thank you so much to all who came out and those who were partying with me in spirit!!

In case you were partying from afar I wanted to share some highlights of the awesome event.
ezzere models
My GORGEOUS and awesome models show how to own the #SweatsintheCity look. ;)

shayla flip peacock shirt
My most beautiful Baby Sis showing us all how to take the Peacock Runner Tee on a 180. ;)

prizes won
Like I said there were PRIZES, and I LOVED seeing just how excited Melanie was when she won my Get Chicking Tee!

The GRAND FINALE of the night…
run your fortune hoodie
Look what the AMAZINGLY talented Laura @ TrashtoCouture did to the Run Your Fortune Tee!!! Seriously, I am speechless and in awe of her DIY fashion prowess. You HAVE to check out her site TrashtoCouture.com her SHOP filled with her one-of-a-kind pieces, and follow her on Twitter @Trashtocouture and Instagram @TrashtoCouture . I’m in freaking awe of her creativity and talent…not only is she the Queen of DIY Fashion she’s a mother to two boys, and an insanely fast runnerchick. She’s been beating the boys (and all the girls too for that matter!!) since she was in high school.

Having her transform one of my shirts into a gorgeous hoodie is something incredibly special to me. THANK YOU, Laura, so much…and I hope vicariously I can absorb just a smidgen of your style and fashion sense!!

The night truly was a BLAST…thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive! Those who were able to come out put their own artistic talents to work and created a motivational goal poster.
power of written goals
WRITTEN goals are more powerful goals. I challenge you all to take a moment, DEFINE a goal you want to reach by the end of the month and WRITE it. If you’re brave enough I’d love for you to share it me!

Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or email: contact@ezzere.com with your written goal.
Thank you again to Nuun Hydration and US Cryotherapy in Roseville, CA for helping sponsor and host the event.
nuun hydration sample
I want you ALL to be a part of the Ezzere community I’m building, don’t MISS OUT and sign-up for my NEW Ezzere Newsletter. :)

* indicates required

Runner #CoreandCake Party! A core routine chased by loads of cake

Let the #CoreandCake Party get going, Runners! :) I’m going to start by showing you a quick core routine that you can do post-run. It’s short and sweet but effective at hitting those important core muscles, so there’s NO excuse for not doing it because you can whip it out fast.

I’ve got some picture demonstrations for a few of the ones that might be trickier to explain. Truth: I actually did a video but I think I’ve already grown tired of my chipmunk voice, so opted for the stills. ;)

Here’s how it works, there are group of exercises. Work up to doing three sets of each group, do all the sets for each group before moving onto the next group. Try doing this (or at least SOME core work) three days a week.

Group A

reverse crunch roll in core exercise
1) Reverse Crunch Roll-In’s — Set of 16

2) Ball Crunch — Set of 30
*Note: for the middle set, I like to mix it up and do the crunches alternating side to side.

Group B

alternating ball reach
1) Alternating Ball Reach — Set of 30
* Alternate reaching opposite hand to opposite foot; 30 total, so 15 each side

split crunch scissor
2) Split Crunch Scissors — Set of 16
* Start laying flat, as you reach up to center with the ball bring your left leg up towards the ball. Lower back down then bring your right foot up to the ball. Repeat.

hamstring ball pulls core exercise for runners
3) Hamstring Ball Pulls — Set of 8 for each leg
* This move works in three phases, and similar to the BRIDGE EXERCISE DEMO I did but up on the ball. Start with one foot on the ball and back flat on the ground, lift your butt up so you’re doing a bridge on the ball, then roll/pull the ball in towards you. Roll out, lower your back down to the ground out of bridge, then repeat. Then switch to other leg.

Group C

1) Push-up — Set of 10-15 (Modify on your knees if you have to.)

2) Chair Dips — Set of 10

BAM!! You can’t tell me you can’t bust that out in 10-15 minutes at most. But the benefits to your running are incredibly important:

* Strong Core = Efficiency. Build up your core and ‘weaker’ muscles so you’re able to hold better form as you run. Maintaing proper form, even as you tire, will keep you more efficient…read as faster.
* Strong Core = Less Injuries. You got it, most injuries are a result of an imbalance that result from a weak muscle. Fix those so you don’t wind up injured and not running at all.

Oh wait, we forgot the OTHER major benefit, you do your core and you get cake too! ;)

#CoreandCake Party Phase 2…

core and cake
run for cake

eating cake

Cake sees no speed. Runners of ALL levels working hard get their cake! ;)

eat cake sweats in the city
Nom….check it out, #coreandcake goes #SweatsintheCity style in my Ezzere Run Your Fortune Tee!!

Check out the AWESOME Lisa @ RunningOutofWine because she’s celebrating all the #coreandcake goodness over at her blog too!! :)

Thanks all your runnerchicks and runnerdudes for coming, now go get YOUR #coreandcake on too! Don’t forget you can tweet/insta/social media #coreandcake all day, seeing hardworking runners devouring their just desserts always makes me smile. ;)

1) How often do you incorporate core work into your routine?
2) What’s your favorite kind of cake, or any dessert?
3) Have you partied down with Lisa yet too?? If not…you best head on over NOW!! :)

America’s Next Top Running Shirt Model

Get ready 2014…we’ve got some BIG things coming!!! #artyrunnerchick #runningshirts #sweatsandthecity #bigplans #makeityouryear #runforyourdreams

arty runnerchick shirt

Rocking my ‘Run Your Fortune’ shirt…head over to the Store to get yours!

Stay tuned, Runner Friends, I’ve been busily working away on a few exciting projects…I can’t wait to share!!

Enjoy the last night of 2013…kiss that old year good-bye and kick it to the curb because a New Year is on the horizon and YOU CAN make it one heck of an awesome ride run! ;)

NEWEST Running shirt!!
Runner’s Strip Comic Movie Shorts!!

1) What was a high point of 2013 for you?
Moving closer to my sib’s and being with them for the holidays.
2) What is something you’re glad to kick to the curb with 2013?
Hopefully stupid leg injuries and being REALLY inflexible.
3) What are you looking forward to in 2014?
I’ll quote AM/PM…”too much good stuff”
4) What is a running goal for you this New Year?

Steph’s Miles Recipe: Healthy Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Today this runnerchick has a special treat for you! I’m so excited to share with you this blog’s very first guest blogger, Stephanie from Steph’s Miles! Check out this girl’s awesome blog; I instantly loved her because she’s not only miles obsessed like me but a bona-fide Disney freak too! Even better she’s got me completely beat in the cooking department…for once this blog will actually give you a recipe you’ll WANT to devour after you get your run on. So without further adieu…here’s Steph!

Steph’s Miles Recipe: Healthy Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Hi there! My name is Stephanie and I blog over at Steph’s Miles. Thanks to Cait for sharing her blog. I just started my blog recently out of my interest in the fitness world and in other bloggers out there sharing their stories. I thought it was time to share mine too!

Now I’m not meeting any professional standards like Cait. I run for fun, for the endorphins and to create physical goals for myself. I ran two half marathons this year – the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February and the Rock n Roll Latin Music Miami Beach Half this past Sunday! My feet are still yelling at me as I type this.


But I’m not over here to talk about running. I’m here to share an amazing recipe with you guys! This meal gets rave reviews from friends and family members alike and is a constant repeat at my table. It’s also super easy to make, so you can come back from a work out and make them stat. Oh, and did I mention there is a ton of protein in these babies?

Adapted from Once Upon a Cutting Board (via Pinterest)


  • 1 lb. (1 container) of extra lean ground chicken breast
    (I use Purdue)
  • 1/3 cup buffalo sauce

(I use Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce & Marinade)

  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
    1/4 breadcrumbs
  • 4 oz. crumbled goat cheese or blue cheese (optional)
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or cooking spray
  • 4 whole wheat burger buns


Optional for toppings:

Extra buffalo marinade
Light ranch dressing



  • Open package of ground chicken and place in bowl.
  • Mix buffalo sauce, Parmesan and breadcrumbs and other seasonings into the ground chicken in the bowl. Mix with your hands or a fork to ensure all ingredients are distributed evenly. Mix in cheese last into the patties with the cheese evenly spread among the patties.
  • Form four evenly sized patties and place on a plate.
  • Heat olive oil in skillet on stovetop or spray with cooking spray.
  • Place all patties on skillet and let sizzle and cook six to seven minutes on one side.
  • Flip patties and cook remaining side for five minutes.
  • Once the burgers are fully cooked, place on buns to serve and top with desired condiments.


I like to mix all the ingredients with my hands, just to make sure everything is distributed evenly. The ground chicken is so cold when it comes right out of the fridge! I make sure to wash my hands thoroughly each time I’m touching the raw chicken.


Make sure to be patient when your burgers cook. I am a very impatient person and if I flip the burgers too early they have a potential to break apart a little bit or may be cooked unevenly. You may also cook on the grill too if you are a pro griller.

chicken burgers

I can’t describe how good the burgers taste and I’m not even a fan of buffalo wings or the sauce itself! The sauce makes the chicken so moist and flavorful. They also have a little kick, too! I leave dinner full and satisfied each time I eat them. The amount of protein it provides is perfect after a long run on the weekend. Serve them with fries, coleslaw or a roasted vegetable on the side.

chicken burger

Thank you again Cait for hosting me on your blog!

What’s your favorite go-to meal to make in the kitchen?

Thank you so very much for hopping by my blog, Steph. And I appreciate you also letting me hog up some space over at your own blog today. ;)

run your fortune badge

Run Your Fortune Shirts

get chicking

Get Chicking Shirts



How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

Why do you do it? I’m sitting here just finishing off a piece on my ‘Aha Fitness Moment’ and trying to pinpoint the moment I fell in love with running. I’ll share a bit more on why I’m writing this in a minute, but bear with me for a second.
pink runner
I was really stuck on the ‘Aha Moment’ thing because I don’t really think of it like a single, angels singing in the background, moment of clarity that struck me like one of Zeus’s lightening bolts. (How many cliches could I work in there? Hehe) I’d say for me it was more of a transition…

…I HATE you running, what perverse PE teachers makes us just run around for no reason?

…So now I’m roped onto this running team because I have no coordination and got cut from all the sports teams my friends are on. Okay, well fine.

…If I’m going to be here then I’m going to at least try and be the best, that girl is faster than me, okay, well let’s just chase her and see how it goes.

…Obviously I didn’t train enough because I’m hunkered over this bush after crossing the finish line, so now maybe I’ll just actually run a little more and see if I can get in better shape. (small victory, I actually never tossed my cookies, only thought I was going too…hehe.)

…This running this is awesomely. I’m addicted.

End of story.

Today I call myself an obsessive compulsive runner…in many ways I’m not sane but I know running at least holds those threads together. ;)
You’ll eventually get to read the piece I put together because I was able to scrounge up a moment of clarity. You’ll be able to read it, I’ll let you know when, because of my new role as one of the Sweat Pink Ambassadors. I’m very excited to join an amazing group of women who share a passion for all sports, yes, even those that aren’t running related. ;)

As an ambassador I’ll continue to share what tips, advice, and sweat related tidbits I’ve got as well as do all I can to encourage all of my readers to follow and achieve their own fitness related endeavors. To set your own goals and get after them. I think a great thing about running, writing, art, blogging and all that we do it offers up a chance to interact with a new community; I feel fortunate to be invited to yet another community, and one that Sweats Pink. The Sweat Pink motto is one I can fully get behind, because as you know I’m a self-described sweaty, obsessive, compulsive runner. :)

1) Do you have an ‘Aha Fitness Moment’ yourself?

2) If not a moment, then what was your transition into finding your own fitness passion like?

3) If you are a runner, how did you get into the sport? Was it like me and because you literally stunk it up at everything else??

4) Are you going to sweat a bit of pink yourself?? Actually, you can head on over to FitApproach and check out a new place I’ll be contributing to. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well…ummm, because I know all of you already follow me on those…haha, jk. :) Also, if you’re interested in rocking out some pink shoelaces let me know and I’ll see if I can make that happen.

5) What is going on for you this weekend and how are you getting your sweat on?

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Is What You See Really What You Get? The paradox of your reality versus actuality and being a ‘skinny’ runnerchick

How accurate is your version of yourself compared to what other people see you as? Going further I’m sure what other people would describe you as probably differs even between the person being asked.
running dream
I’ve got a runner’s build. I’m smaller than the ‘average’ woman but I don’t feel like I’m out of place small. I feel normal…whatever that is. Put me in a group of athletic, endurance-based women and I’d say I probably blend in.

But I’ve been out running on the road before and had someone yell at me from their car, “Stop running girl…go eat! You look like a praying mantis!” (on a side-note, praying mantis, really? I mean of all things to compare a skinny person to, that one threw me…haha.) I got annoy, pissed even and shouted back, “Fudge you, I could eat you under the table!” Which I’m sure is the honest to goodness truth. I get peeved because in our culture it seems taboo to make fun of a fat person, but it’s okay to hate on the skinnier folk? Just saying.

girl boxer

I would have liked to punch the dude in the face. :)

If I’m in the middle of pushing myself or doing a hard workout I’m not fooling myself into believing I look pretty. My form has gotten better, I did a LOT of work on it, but I’ll never be one of those people who can make it look effortless…like a machine. I consciously remind myself to relax, drop my shoulders, but I’m sure I look heinous and most likely with some kind of spit clinging to my cheek.

I’ve done tempo runs on the treadmill and I’m sure I’ve looked quite the sight busting my bum, praying that if I bump up the speed just a hair more I can sustain it and not be thrust off the back of the machine. My pounding feet probably echo in the gym, others who don’t ‘get’ the running thing probably think I’m just insane.

The thing is, at that point I really don’t care. Seriously, I’d rather run a few seconds faster on that stupid treadmill, risk the chance of being shot off the back, even if that means earning a ‘freak’ moniker. I do know that anyone who is a ‘runner runner’ would understand and probably not even bat an eye, as they are amidst their own workouts.

To the guy in the car, I’m fully aware I’m not an obese American woman, still smaller than ‘average’ whatever that is. I know I don’t have a chest, JLo from the Block (I know she’s since moved on past that old nickname but I like it) with her booty I am not…but my legs are strong, they are muscular. My arms are defined and not the old hummingbird wings of my pre-weight lifting days.
eating pop tarts
I’m fine with it. I also kind of like the look of shock on peoples’ face when the runnerchick IS able to eat them under the table. So eat that, praying mantis!

Disclaimer: of course there is a point of being unhealthily small and no one should feel pressured to go through unhealthy behaviors to look a certain way. At the root of it all, it’s about being happy in WHO you are, whatever that ends up looking like. I think sports/fitness can help with self-confidence.

Along the same lines of body image, SkinnyRunner did an interesting post today about Crystal Renn, a model who started out in runway but later admitted she could only maintain that frame due to an eating disorder. She then gained weight, became a plus-sized model, and a major advocate AGAINST traditional models and runway. Now, this same woman is back to a slighter self and on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which has led to a backlash amongst the plus-sized community. Interesting stuff to chew on and mull over.

Last note tied to the perception of ourselves and how it varies between who is looking at us…in the seriously now annoying craze of those meme picture frames with the black backdrop with various photo-cropped pictures of ‘how I see myself’, ‘how my mom sees me’, ‘how my co-workers see me’, etc…The Faster Bunny did a funny one on runners.

1) How would you say your perception of yourself may be different from how someone else would describe you? And WHO is that someone else, and how would that change depending on who that person is?

2) How do you define yourself or be happy with what/who you are? How has being athletic effected that if at all?
Running, or being active, really helped me be more secure with myself. More-so because I saw my body as a vessel to actually DO something rather than aesthetics alone. But I won’t lie, if I were to say, to gain 30 pounds I wouldn’t be happy…but that’s more because I wouldn’t be happy with myself, or feel comfortable with myself, not so much because of anything anyone else may say or think.

3) How much does what other people think or tell you really effect or matter to you?
Now I’d say I’m to the point where unless you are a close friend or family member, it doesn’t bug me. But I think that comes with age, when I was in high school it mattered to me a lot more.

4) We all have strengths and weaknesses…name one of each.
strength: loyal and self-motivated
weakness: I talk too much and have no fast twitch muscle fibers

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Racing Re-Cap: Things We Can All Learn From This Weekend

In case you’ve lived in a bit of a running cave, or don’t follow running all that much, there were some pretty big time races going on this weekend. We saw American Records being broken left and right, the family tradition of a running legacy continued, and even some late season cross country races.

Regardless of if you ever plan on chasing a record, have the desire to spike up (or racing flat up) ever again or not…here are some things we can all learn from this weekend in racing.
galen rupp
1) There is always someone better than you and someone working to be better than you. In a nice ironic twist, at the USATF Indoor Classic Galen Rupp broke the American Record for the indoor two mile event with 8:09.72; he took the record from Bernard Legat. The same day at the Millrose Games Bernard Legat reclaimed the indoor 5k record with 13:07.15…he took it back from Galen Rupp. Read more details and see video at Paul Merca’s site.

The lesson here is that no matter how good you are and continue to be, there is always, and will forever be, someone looking to beat you. This goes for anything; it’s a good thing as it inspires you to push harder and never settle. You’ve got to stay on your game and keep working hard if you want to stay in the game.
usatf women finish
Source: Photorun.net/Letsrun
2) ALWAYS run through the line. I think this picture says it all…from the USATF Cross Country Championships Molly Huddle (right) thought she had the win a hair too early. Sara Hall ran THROUGH the line, pushed it to the end, and ended up snagging the win.

Lesson here is the obvious don’t ever ease up or count your victory until you’re past the line; but going deeper, don’t ever assume anything. You know the old saying there…but it’s true. From both perspectives here: 1) There are no sure things in racing…now, obviously if you’re 100 meters ahead and going to the line the odds are highly stacked in your favor and a little celebrating would be a safer bet. But still…even if you’re the World Record holder, when you get to the line there are no guarantees that you will come out the winner. To an extent we’re all equals once the gun is fired. 2) From Sara Hall: Don’t ever give up until it’s over. Racing should spur in you the urge to dig a little deeper and rise to the occasion…when it comes crunch time, search for that other gear, lock on to the competitor ahead of you and work to close the gap. Charge to that line and run all the way through it.
cross country girl
3) Onward and upward…things are always moving forward. In case you’re unaware, in recent years the times of top harriers have dropped remarkably in distance events. For the first time in decades Americans are also a part of the surge and mixing it up with the Africans. This applies from to the pro’s, the collegians, high-schoolers and road runners alike.

In Friday’s Husky Classic, Sally Kipyego won the women’s 5k race in 15:15.41. In doing so she ran the world’s fastest indoor 5k this year but behind her a whopping eight collegiate women ducked under the NCAA automatic qualifying time of 16:04.50…that’s quite a field. Read a much better and inclusive recap of those races at Paul Merca’s blog as he recounts.

Lesson here is that competition and surrounding yourself by people who are BETTER than you or at least on par is not only the best thing for you but the best thing for the sport. (Or whatever it is you are working towards.) If you want to get the best out of yourself, for whatever goal that is, you have to push yourself…push yourself harder and then some more, past what you think you are capable of. To do that, having someone ahead of you and also right on your butt is a sure fire way to make you dig for that extra gear you might not think you have.

That’s it for me, and I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

1) Were you following the big meets this weekend? Do you follow the sport of running; what sports do you follow?

2) Do you agree with or see any other lessons to be pulled from this weekend?

3) What did you do this weekend? Any races yourself?

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Quick Update…What Monster is Eating my Posts and Comments?!

I want to apologize if you’re seeing a blank screen, no posts at all, and all the other wonky things going on with my site. I’m currently trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. My widgets are also missing AND my comment replies are also being deleted.

So if you are able to actually see this, I’m sorry for how crummy this makes my site look and the Arty Runnerchick herself and please don’t refuse to eat at the lunchtable with me anymore. Granted, it may be the table reserved for dorks but I need all the friends I can get.

I’ll try and fix this and know that 1) I reply to your lovely comments because I appreciate them so much!!! There is just a comment monster after them. 2) I don’t post just random, long white space….how boring. 3) I’m working on it and will have ‘real posts’ to put up as soon as I’m sure they will in fact be visible and readable!

Does anyone happen to know what may be up or have they had this happen to them? I haven’t changed anything recently.

PS-Sorry no pictures, I’m actually using another person’s laptop and thus nothing saved of my work to post. Plus, if it’s just white space anyways…

1) Would you rather live chat with a helping agent or talk to them over the phone?
Depends, sometimes those people on the phone can’t do anything but say, “I’m sorry things aren’t working for you Ms. Chock, but if you bear with me we can send someone out to look at the problem in two weeks from forever.

2) Workout today?
Ran 10 treadmill miles to my latest TV addiction…Gossip Girl. Ya, I’m late on the train but I’m also kind of embarassed that I was, in fact, a Gossip Girl fan before the actual show came out and was reading the books. Don’t blame me, a high school roomie was the one giving me my tweenie bopper reading material crack. ;)

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What I’m Doing This Wednesday…

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I’ve noticed that tons of people take part in some kind of ‘What I…’ themed post on Wednesdays. (Why all the love to Wednesday, is there a reason this day of the week seems to get so much more attention than the rest? Jk.)

I have yet to take part in any of them for a few reasons: 1) At first I just didn’t catch on to the whole acronym thing, I started to see it popping up everywhere, and it confused me. Yes, I’m lame, but then when I did figure out what the things stood for it again took some time for it to sink in that there was a trend and not something specific to just one blogger.

fresh carrots

Yes, carrots make the cut! (pic is from a design i sent to...duh, new seasons market...lol.)

2) I don’t do the ‘What I Ate’ thing because really, if I posted up what I ate each Wednesday it would take everyone about two weeks to see that I basically eat the same thing all the time. It would be boring, and to be honest I might just be tempted to make a template and repost it every time since the odds that it would still be the truth would be stacked in my favor.

3) I don’t do the ‘What I Worked Out’ one because again it’s typically the same thing. I know I need to mix it up, it’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

4) Maybe I’ll just toss this in and pretend that it’s because I’m a rebel without a cause. Nah, but the truth is that I’d probably just forget after a few weeks.

Although, I thought I saw one about ‘What I’m Thankful For Wednesday.’ I could be wrong, but let’s roll with that one. I can do that and at least for today, who knows what next week holds, like I said I’ll probably end up forgetting.

*I’m thankful to not be living in a box. Bwahaha…it was iffy there for a bit (juuuust kidding) but I am one of those people who is always really paranoid about just being flat out broke. I get nervous when I spend a lot, even if I know I have enough saved up and need whatever I’m purchasing. (Here, I’m not even going to say what I think constitutes ‘a lot.’) My mom rags on me for being a cheap-o but I like to just think I’m cautious? The thing though is that the only time I don’t feel as guilty is when I’m buying something for someone else that I care a lot about.

princess and unicorn

This princess is my sis!! (i made this card for her bday awhile back)

*I’m thankful to be closer to my siblings/family. Actually, they are probably the top two ‘get out of guilt free for spending’ cards for me.

*I’m thankful that I just found some gift cards that I forgot about. They are to Borders and since they are going out of business I need to use them fast, and I just got emailed another coupon…I’m all over this. If anyone has any book or movie suggestions, let me know!

*I’m thankful that now I have my own treadmill and TV viewing space. There is nothing worse than not being able to get on a machine at the gym, getting stuck with a treadmill that is at a wonky angle and you can’t see the TV, get a treadmill at the opposite end of where a fan is located, or being stuck watching something you really don’t care about or like on the TV. Now, I get to be the selfish kid who always gets their way with the remote. I also can place a fan right next to me that staves off my crazy sluggy salty sweat-fest self. Wow, I paint a pretty picture.

In my typical sarcasty self way, I’m going to add in some things that fall under the category of ‘What I’m Hoping for in Wednesdays to Come’:

*Be rid of some pesky blisters on both of my big toes. I usually don’t get really bad blisters all too often, so I guess this was a long time coming. They’re the ones that are mutants between blisters and calluses, I seriously should hire the 7 Dwarfs to go in there and mine, maybe they’d come up with some diamonds??

*Google Reader to stop hating me. I keep hearing that people aren’t getting my new posts since the Blogger transition. I guess I peeved off the wrong people, and I’m sort of scared that Google is tied up in it. I mean should I expect more forms of punishment forthcoming?

running shoes

*Just randomly be granted a lifetime supply of: running shoes, running clothes, a tad of fashion sense, a scanner and computer that get along, a freezer and fridge large enough to hold limitless quantities of my staple foods, limitless quantities of all my staple foods, and to never have to worry about my stupid hair flying into my face while I’m running. I don’t know how the last one would work out, I don’t want to be bald, but maybe I’d just have that hair block type thing you see in cartoons???

I’m sure there are other things, I know that they are, but all in all I’m pretty thankful this Wednesday. The goods outweigh any of my snarky remarks and right now I know that I’m lucky. There are others having much worse Wednesdays, my heart goes out to them and can only say, “Get through life’s shiznit…stay the course!”

1) If you do any type of ‘What I … Wednesday’ what is it and do you feel like you have to be ‘on’ and make it extra interesting?

2) What’s something you’re thankful for this Wednesday?

3) What’s something you’re hoping for in Wednesdays to come?

4) What are some book or movie suggestions I should spend my gift card on?

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