Hey, Lance, you just got chicked!

Running is hard. “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” It’s hard for everyone and competing is even harder. So, I have absolutely no respect for cheaters. There, I said it, I stand by that.
lance armstrong getting passed
Now that Lance Armstrong wants to go around running and cycling clean, I dare say there are plenty of awesome runnerchicks out there ready to chick him! ;)

No need to focus on any more negatives, keep getting ‘er done, runners. Running is hard. It is hard as heck, but it rewards the hard-workers too.

1) Finish this sentence: Running is…

2) What is one way you motivate yourself to get out there when your brain is thinking, “Ugh, running is hard and not all that appealing at the moment.”
Remember that this little thing called runner guilt will wreck havoc on me until I do, indeed, get my run in.
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