Bummin on no Froyo and Training Logs are A for Awesome

Do you see it? It’s my curmudgeonly, scowly look of utter disappointment. Why? Well, for reasons that I can’t fully explain (one, because it’s a long backstory and telling it might wind me up with one of those cyber-faux pas where the thing you write about gets back to people you don’t want it to…second, because it’s sort of ridiculous to the amount you might not really believe me) I missed out on a chance for a real, live, in the flesh froyo date with Margs!!

mad dog

Margs, you may recall has shot to worldwide celebdom for her role in TO YOGURTOPIA WE GO (how many times am I going to link that fairy tale, well for the time it took me I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth…haha) and I was excited to learn that this SoCal living bunny was bopping around my neck of the woods for the weekend. But thanks to crazy events we weren’t able to make it to froyo bliss. :(

Don’t try to get all smart and figure you’ll pester Margs for my lame reason, partly because she’s got WAY cooler things to think/talk about than me, and second I pulled a Men in Black move and her memory is partially erased. I will say I was happy we at least did get to phone chat, and I hope my fast-talking chipmunk voice hasn’t left her deaf in addition to having a memory fugue.

Why so late a post? Sorry folks, internet still wonko on this side but I’m able to mooch a quickie blog post off of the internet at my parents’ house.

Next on the agenda, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time these past few days working on a project for my old high school’s cross-country and track teams. It’s a running log, something I think is not just really fun to have so you can look back on and track your progress, but it really is important to keep. Why you ask? I’ll tell you…

Even if you aren’t necessarily training for any big race, logging what your workouts are and what you’re doing can keep you on track and motivated to actually DO your workouts, you can reference it when you are feeling sore/sluggish/overly tired and look back at previous weeks’ workouts to figure out why. If you wind up injured you can look for signs of overtraining, then later should you come down with another injury you can look back to what you did then and do your best to cross-train and stay in shape.

tired runner

People write all kinds of things in their logs, to varying degrees of detail, some people write how much sleep they get, when they feel sick, if they changed a workout their reasons, how they felt in their workout, replay a race, of course PR’s…the color of their poop…just kidding, just wondered if you were still with me. But all of this is useful and important info…oh, and making notes of when you switch out for a new pair of shoes so you remember to change them!

Anyways, anything I do I like to try and make it unique or at least a little better than the bare bones, so I have included lots of articles, quotes, and so forth. So I got to thinking, if I were back in high school, what would I have liked to read about, learn, or hear tips on? I put in things about stretching (when to do it/dynamic vs. static), mental ways to trick yourself into believing that it really doesn’t hurt as much as it does, things on goal setting, refueling right and such.

I think one of the best quotes I’ve ever gotten was from a coach whom I respect to no ends is this: “Stay the course.” Ya, there are tons of other quotes that I really like and are classics, you’ve got Pre’s quotes and other words from legends that are longer and more colorful, but I like this simple one because it is so true in running and in life.

In running, there are ups, downs, sideways, and stallouts. But what separates those from quit or lose their love of the sport from the people who are runners into geriatric years are the ones who just simply keep doing it. They know and accept there are going to be tough times that suck, but getting through those makes the sunny periods all the more special.

person pinata

Sucks to be that dude.

In life, it’s the same thing, and we all get dealt some shiznit, but you just gotta stay the course. I’ve said this to myself tons of times, and not going to even try to lie, usually when I’ve said it I’m: 1) on the verge of a mega-girly-style breakdown and about to cry…one time that comes to mind was when I was on this horrid stair gauntlet climber cross-training and had been injured forever 2) fuming at the mouth because I’m SOOO irate at whatever 3) feeling so hopeless I have nothing else to do but just hope that things will in fact get better. So for me it’s not even about necessarily always believing at first that staying the course is the right thing, but knowing it’s the ONLY thing to do.

Wowza, so didn’t mean to turn this post into a preachy thing, really I tend to just sit down and type and see what spews out. Winding back to the training log I’ll ask you guys some questions:

runner and waves

1) Do you keep one?

I do, and now it’s a habit, I mean I tend to do really the same sorts of things (I know I need to mix-it up, really I do!) but I guess you can’t fight a habit.

2) What is a piece of advice you would have liked to hear about running/working out when you were younger?

3) What’s one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever gotten?

4) Can’t end sappy, what is one the funniest random quotes you’ve heard? And do feel free to take it completely out of context!

This one leaps to mind because it just happened, and I’m blanking at the moment. I didn’t want to post it because I don’t want to seem like I’m a perv, but this was said dead-pan and in total seriousness by my mom: “I don’t know what a cat penis looks like, I’d have to Google it.” Later common sense took over and the realization set in that *duh* if you Googled that you’d definitely regret it!

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To Yogurtopia We Go — Part III where all things get tied up in a nice little, sugary licorice bow

*****Here is the ending to our fine fairy tale, but in case you need to be caught up, check out Part I and Part II, there are also some pictures of our lovely ladies that even if you’ve seen already are still worth a second glance at…unless of course you’re some pervy old man. ;)

Cait was about to go on and list the rest of the array of flavors when suddenly from the top of the peanut butter flavored yogurt serving vat sprang up a person!

“What is the…?!” Vanessa couldn’t even finish her thought on that one.

“Hey there, Julie!” Cait nonchalantly greeted the woman licking peanut butter fro-yo off her…well, everywhere. Apparently this was just business as usual at Yogurtopia.

peanut butter fingers julie

“Thanks for letting me take a dip, I think I’ve just about satisfied my craving,” Peanut Butter Fingers Julie replied, a big smile on her face. Amazingly her hair had somehow managed to avoid getting fro-yo-fied and fell in loose waves around her shoulders; the runners also noticed that PB Julie certainly had some wicked fashion sense.

“I’ve gotta check out what kind of shoes that girl’s wearing,” Katy muttered under her breath, for only a split second distracted from the Biebs, but just as fast turned her attention right back to him.

katy and the biebs

“I have the peanut butter chips and chocolate chips on hand if you’d like me to toss a few in?” Cait continued addressing Julie.

“I think I’m good, for now,” Julie had emerged and worked her way to the counter and group of runners. “Hi, I’m Julie, nice to meet you all!”

“Hey,” SkinnyRunner was the first to speak, “I like your dress.”

“Thanks a bunch,” Julie replied and then from out of the chocolate fro-yo vat a dog suddenly popped up, leaped out of the vat and in a second was at Julie’s side licking the sweet treat from the tip of it’s nose. “And this is Sadie! I promised her a walk, so I’ve got to get going, but it’s been great meeting you all!” Julie smiled and with that the pair walked out of Yougurtopia.

“She’s a regular,” Cait turned back to the runners. “Don’t worry, we take care of our vats so that you can always take a hop into them if your bowls just aren’t quite big enough. Feel free to let me know if any of you would like jump in.”

“Ya I would, but I wouldn’t be so hip on all those freaking calories,” SkinnyRunner said what all of them were thinking.

“Oh, don’t even worry about any of that, all the calories in everything here have been sucked out. Actually, this stuff is all Leanne Rimes has been eating lately,” Cait answered back.

“Where do all the calories go?” Julia asked the obvious.

“Well, it varies,” Cait explained, “we have a calorie shunt that sucks them out, but they do have to go somewhere so we pick a ‘worthy’ person to donate them too. Right now we’ve managed to wrangle up Bentley…”

“THE Bentley from The Bachelorette?!” Margs shouted in most apparent glee. Actually, all of the women smiled at that and even Riley barked in approval.

“The one and only,” Cait smiled back. “We have our guests nominate people they feel are worthy calorie recipients and then everyone votes on them. Over there behind the bus we have the ballots, so be sure to cast your votes for the next candidate on your way out.”

“So can I board the mix-in bus now?” Hungry Runner Girl asked, unable to wait a moment longer…mix-in’s were of course her favorite.

“You got it! Load those bowls up and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. The bus really has anything in the world you can imagine, so pop over to the spigots, fill up on the fro-yo and get to scooping!” Cait could barely finish before all runners were off in fro-yo fueled mayhem.
julia and riley

By the time they were done the yogurt spigots had been through a beating, the mix-in bus abused, and everything inside Yogurtopia was bathed in excitement. “I can tell you that’s the best bus I’ve even been on, and that’s saying a lot, I’ve accompanied students on plenty of field trips,” Hungry Runner Girl professed as they all collected around one of the tables.

“So you finally decided to join us?” Christina asked as Katy took a seat to her right.

“Well, he said something about Selena not being all too thrilled having to finish up her fro-yo with me sitting on her boyfriend’s lap,” Katy replied with more than a hint of disappointment in her voice. “They also had to go because he’s got a concert to get ready for…but look who scored tickets…this girl!!”

“Do you guys mind if I take a seat?” from behind the runners a sweet voice rang. “My name is Emma, I hope it’s okay, but since I take it you guys are big running fans, I’d love to meet you.”
sweet tooth runner emma

“But of course!” Vanessa warmly greeted, some of that Southern Georgia charm obviously rubbing off on her.

“Thanks,” Emma smiled and took a seat. “Is this your guys’ first time to Yogurtopia? It’s mine, I live in another kingdom but I’m seriously considering on moving! This place is like heaven!”

“Ya it is,” Margs agreed between bites.

“I’m glad it’s all you could imagine,” Christina replied with a shy grin on her face, “it’s what I dreamed up, and I’m happy you like The Athletarian Kingdom so much.”

“Wait, are you the princess?” Emma exclaimed.

“Ya she is!” Katy touted.

“I also hear you’ve got an obsession with oats, is that true?” Emma’s excited raised up another couple of notches if that was possible.

“Oh, Oatmania, I went there yesterday for breakfast!” Christina returned and then continued, “and lunch…and maybe a snack too.” She finished with a laugh.

“I’m obsessed with my oats too!” Emma shouted before raising a shovel-sized-spoon to her lips. After a lick she went on, “There’s no better way to refuel after putting Betty through a beating…”

“Betty through a beating?” SkinnyRunner asked a little alarmed.

“Oh, Betty,” Emma laughed, “that’s the name of my treadmill, sorry, I should have clarified that one!”

“Gotcha,” SkinnyRunner said before getting up to visit the mix-in bus again.

“The only day I don’t eat oats for breakfast is on Sundays when I have pancakes. But even then I usually work a serving or two, or three in during the rest of the day,” explained Emma.

And so, our band of runners had made it to Yogurtopia and we leave them to polish off whatever they can fit into their bellies. And after SkinnyRunner’s report of 16.83 miles that certainly calls for plenty of fro-yo and mix-ins! We’ll leave them to their treats, but as we do we will catch one last glimpse of each fabulous character in our story.
the faster bunny margs

Margs laughing just a wee bit maliciously as she stands in front of the now morbidly, overly-obese Bentley tied to a pole. As she spoons more fro-yo into her mouth she watches his ever-expanding waistline get bigger and bigger.

SkinnyRunner, upon her trip to the mix-in bus, met up with Leanne where she told her that if there was ever someone who should be sporting a SkinnyRunner shirt it would be her waifish self. Leanne agreed, forked over the dough, and joined the masses of other runners donning said shirts.

Julia made her way to the chocolate spigot where Riley had been furiously licking since they’d gotten there. She pet the little guy on the head and sat down next to him to eat the rest of her fro-yo. She pulled out her phone and between bites decided this place was just too good of a place for her sister, Jenn, to miss out on. Never fear, Jenn would come running right away and be there shortly.

Katy caught up on eating the amount of fro-yo that she missed out on thanks to her Bieber distraction, doing so only while staring fixidly at the tickets in front of her. A bit of fro-yo happened to land unnoticed on her shirt but it hardly broke her gaze; still, she looked as fashionably glamorous as always. Later, when she did realize the drop she thought to herself that maybe it would then give her the perfect excuse to just ask Justin for his shirt.
gourmet runner vanessa

Vanessa’s stove woes had long ago drifted from her mind. She relished every spoonful of fro-yo and decided that her house hadn’t yet been perfect, but she knew exactly how to take care of that. She’d merely ask Cait for an extra fro-yo spigot and some mix-in bins…she had a spare room that had yet to be furnished, and who really needed another guest bedroom?

Hungry Runner Girl had been able to put away the most mix-in’s, even making up a new ideal ratio of mix-in’s to fro-yo in her head. This would be posted later on her blog as well as the new record number of Swedish Fish consumed. Her husband Billy would be proud, the doctors just as proud that she was able to someone manage to avoid a sugar induced coma. No doubt it was due to years of building up a tolerance.

Christina of course welcomed the newest member to her Kingdom. She thought back fondly of Dream…err, Dean at the palace and decided that perhaps after she got back they would go to the park. No one was ever too old to enjoy a swing on the swings! Maybe she’d challenge him to a push-up contest, she’d been getting crazy strong these days and been busting them out like a champ.

Emma was just as excited to join The Athletarain Kingdom and was already making plans to have Betty shipped out ASAP. She made Christina promise to take her to Oatsmania first thing in the morning, of course she also made her promise the two would go on a run together. Come Sunday Emma would cook everyone chocolate chip pancakes…don’t worry, they’d be vegan. :)

Peanut Butter Fingers Julie had taken Sadie on that nice, long walk. They actually made their way to the lake and noticed the oven halfway in and out of the water. Julie smiled as it seemed that some baby swans had decided to make a jungle gym out of the evil appliance. Julie also grinned because the sight of the oven suddenly inspired her with the perfect dinner recipe she’d fix that night. Said dinner would of course be written up, photographed, and documented so all could enjoy. Sadie barked.

Cait, well, Cait was just happy she could spend yet another day in Yogurtpia. She always loved seeing who would stop by. Today was especially nice though, and she hoped all of these fine ladies would stop by again soon.

Thank you for getting your fill at the one and only Yogurtopia.

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