Gettin Your Fight Club On – We Play by My Rules Though

Happy Friday!! I hope you all are ready to kick off a fun weekend. Things around here have felt a little too ‘seriousy’ for me, so we obviously need to inject some kind of immaturity.

I’m also sitting on the verge of a minor/not-so-minor Hulk style flip out. Why? My computer and this slow butt internet has been working my last nerve!!!!! That whole Office Space scene of them just kicking the shiznit out of that piece of equipment, I wish I could do just that.

I know logically pounding on it won’t do a lick of good but the amount of instant satisfaction is almost just too tempting to pass up. I’ve never actually been in a real smack-down style fight with anyone…

rocky dog fighter

Pic I made for my family...they've got a Boston Terrier named Rocco

…I think the closest I’ve ever really come to honestly physically trying to overpower someone was in a struggle over a chair with my brother. Sibling moments at their finest, but this was one time we did cross that line between ‘haha, I want that chair’ and ‘I don’t care who the heck you are, or the fact that it’s over something idiotic, I’m going to try to kick your butt’ territory. I was 18, my brother 16; he outweighed me by probably a good 60-70 pounds and had a foot on me. You probably know how it ended, he got the chair, but I tell you he got it a lot harder than he thought he would. Oh, and in my mind I totally creamed him. ;)

On the subject, I’ve always harbored secret fantasies of being all street tough and like I really could win in any kind of fight…heck, I can barely come out on top of most verbal ones. That, and being that I love me my Fight Club, (okay, back when Brad Pitt wasn’t tainted by Jolie, he was hot!) I’ll start my own little knock-off. I’ll share a few rules:

  • We can talk about this fight club, but only if I win. That’s right, just like any other sore sport I can’t have you bringing up my failures. If I’m not in the fight, then you can brag all you want.
  • Races seem to feel okay about charging an arm and a leg to enter, then I’ll follow suit. You want to fight? I wear a size 8.5 Nike Structure Triax, I also want me some Franz Blueberry English Muffins.
  • We don’t have weight divisions, but we instead rely on the PO scale: levels of pissed-offness. It’s all about the size of the fight in the dog, in this case it’s about the amount of pure rage adrenaline this sucker’s running off of.
  • We don’t use weapons. If there is an object in your hand then it better be the item that your rage is directed towards…example: computer.
worthog farting

Farting would be an accpetable way around the 'no weapon' rule though...

**Disclaimer: To state the obvious, the above is all a fictitious rambling and in no way represents anything I stand for or believe in. In reality I’d probably get the snot knocked out of me by mini-me, I’d drop to the floor faster than a hot potato…I vividly remember that Holyfield vs. Tyson, I’m not willing to lose part of my ear or any other bodily extensions. Finally, failures do make us better and hungrier for the next round, so I’m not saying losing sometimes isn’t a bad thing (heck, there are some egos out there who deserve a swift loss).

1) What was the last inanimate object that was the bane of your current existence and focal point of your utter rage?

2) Have you ever been in a ‘real’ fight?

3) Do you have a rule you’d like to add to our fictitious knock-off Fight Club?

4) Any fun weekend plans?

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Summer’s Over and High Schools Need to Stop Messing Around With Our Sports Programs!

I’m typing this while coming down off of a Sharpie induced brain fog. I’ve been doing art work for the past three plus hours and because I’m still old school and draw/sketch, then ink my stuff out with actual pens, I’m blessed with pen headache.

That’s okay, I’m over it. Today was also the very first day of high school for my littlest brother!! He’s the fourth and last (by word, he better be the last at this point…haha) of the Chock kiddlets to work their way through GB High. My sister is also a Junior there now…cut to picture…

my siblings

…Wes on the left, Shay in the middle, the one of the right is my brother’s good friend. Again, I wish I looked half as stylish and amazing as my sister.

I still can’t believe how old they are getting. And upon writing that I’m feeling more and more old fartsty and like a parent myself!

Second thing, last night I watched a movie called ‘Racing for Time.’ Or at least I think I’m remembering the title correctly, I’m horribly embarrassed and appalled to admit it was in fact a Lifetime Movie, but hear me out before you automatically close this window.

I read the little recap on it and it was about a man who starts a track team for a girls’ youth correctional facility. It had running so I thought I’d try to force the Lifetime credit down and hope it didn’t come back up. ;)

Of course it was laced with the typical feel good, warm and fuzzy subtext, but overall I think it was pretty decent. I did like how the corny ending was staved off from being unbearable by the fact that (spoiler alert…haha) while they did rise above and end up technically winning the big race against ‘normal high schools’ they were DQ’ed for a bad handoff on the last leg. The trophy went to the catty girl’s team who made some snippy remark at the starting line.

Though the message at the end was that despite being DQ’ed they were still winners. They’d overcome personal and social barriers and at least been given a chance to feel like a part of a team. Hopefully they would carry over that discipline upon their release and create a better life for themselves…yada yada yada. Before I go all Lifetime on us, I’ll just say that I think the movie was pretty inspiring but for a couple other reasons.

First, implementing sports, especially running or ones that involve a great amount of discipline, WILL build character for those who participate. Along with plenty of other things. I think what this guy did by starting the track program is admirable (I’m not sure if it was based off of a true story or not) and should be done in these types of places. That said…it should be continued or reinstated in any other school, YMCA, rec league, etc everywhere.

In the Runner’s Log I made for one high school, GB actually…haha, I heard from the coach that just to participate in a sport a student has to pay some ginormous fee (it was close to $200 I think) and on top of that pay to the individual sport that they are participating in…each separate sport. On top of that, parents are again nickel and dimed for all those other things…thankfully running doesn’t require too much equipment.

football player

Yes, we should even save football...haha. :)

And this is a school lucky enough to even still have sports to their students. Don’t even get me started on cutting youth sports, then even their phys. ed classes…I mean I could go on about how wrong that is for days. I also just think it’s wrong that you’d have to pay an arm and a leg to take part, what about the kids who don’t have those kinds of resources? To coin a playground phrase….no fair!

Back to the movie, the other thing I liked about it (while it was a sprint 4×100 race and it would have been way better if it was a long distance one) is that it did show how our sport really is the best. So brownie points for Lifetime on that one.

1) Do you feel like an old fart when you listen to yourself sometimes?

Yes, not just in the above example but anytime I make a comment about the weather…really, Cait?! I mean, really?

2) Cutting youth and high school sports teams and PE classes, what’s the situation like where you live? I think the whole thing is just disgusting.

3) What’s the last movie you saw?

4) Did all your siblings go to the same high school as you? Was one of them there at the same time as you?

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