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Even if You’re Not Training For a Race Speed Play and Faster Workouts are Fun…Even Addicting

Not everyone runs to race. On the flip side I’ve known runners who really ONLY run to race. The latter are the ones that need the extra endorphin and adrenaline fix of race day to keep them motivated to put … Continue reading


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Indoor Track: Race it or Skip it…AND Falling into Pinterest

I feel into Pinterest. Actually apparently now you have to beg your way into the site and actually get invited…wow, the egos on these social media sites! So I now have another way to waste ungodly amounts of time toss … Continue reading


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Get Faster by Getting Stronger Running Hills – Build Strength to Gain Speed

Jack and Jill ran up a hill to make them faster runners. Jack fell down ‘cuz he couldn’t keep pace and Jill went barreling up faster. I think I like that nursery rhyme better, don’t you? Hill running, hill repeats, … Continue reading


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The Off Season and Base Training – Don’t Lose Touch With All of Your Speed

“I’m just building my base right now.” How many times have you heard this, or maybe you’ve been the one saying it? Probably countless times. Runners who are consistent are constantly building a ‘base’; yes those who log more miles … Continue reading


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