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When Running Gets Lonely it’s Okay to Have ‘Imaginary’ Training Partners

If you’re a runner suffering from a bit of Suri Cruise syndrome and you don’t have any friends to run with, do what I do and make some up. Actually, I got an email from one of my AWESOME Team … Continue reading


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Women’s Running is a Hot Topic: Female empowerment, surging numbers, record controversy, and exclusive races

Women’s running has come a long way. The evidence of this is all around us; no longer is it a spectacle to see a woman running on the street donning short shorts and sweating, not glowing, full on sweating. Women … Continue reading


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Are You Lonesome Tonight: Running solo, with a partner or in a group

Who do you run with? Are you a solo ace, a partner in a dynamic duo or do you feel naked without a slew of other runners around you? Most likely you fall somewhere in between. When people ask me … Continue reading


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And a Wee Bit ‘O Luck to Ya…

Yes, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I could also say St. Patty’s Day but every time I do it makes me think there should really be a Happy York Peppermint Patty’s Day somewhere around here too. I hope you’ve all been … Continue reading


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More Than a Sport: How running changes lives and gives hope to Ugandan orphans

I truly believe that running is much more powerful than merely a sport or, dare I even say, a hobby. It holds the power to transform lives, instill lessons for nearly all other areas of life, it connects people, and … Continue reading


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Rules of the Run: Being a Good Running Buddy and Team Dynamics

Make the most of your training partners, don’t piss them off. Yesterday I talked about the friendships that can formbetween running partners and teammates; if you’re spending enough time training together you certainly hope you get along with each other! … Continue reading


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Runners Rock and Camaraderie

One of the great things about our sport is the sense of belonging and camaraderie. How many times have you found out a person is a runner and it doesn’t matter if they are a total stranger or not, you … Continue reading


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To Run Faster, Find People Faster Than You

“One of the fastest ways to improve is to train with someone better than you.” So is written by Matt Carpenter on is site. True words from one of the greats. Source In case you don’t know who Matt Carpenter … Continue reading


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When Life Throws junk Your Way…

“Live for the unexpected.” Whoever said that I’m sure wasn’t rolling along the freeway and BAM had their tire blow out…if that had been the case I think their choice of word may have been more along the lines of, … Continue reading


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Check Me Out on RunningTimes.Com Yo…And Some Vicarious Running

Weekends…let’s roll out the races. Can I just say I’m afflicted by more than a little runner-envy, I wish my darn foot would cooperate and release me from elliptical purgatory…just saying. Enough of that though, I’m thankful that I can … Continue reading


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