That’ll Light a Fire Under Your Runner Butt

Yes we may run for our sanity, the betterment of our souls, to push ourselves…but when it comes right down to it there’s a little peace of mind knowing if a situation arises where we need to get the heck out of there FAST, we’re faster than one poor, unfortunate soul. 😉
out run a lion
Darwinism at its finest, Folks. 😉 #runtosurvive


1) Let’s hear another situation that you’ve thought of where running fast would certainly help you dodge a bullet? Or any other hazard.
2) When’s been a situation in life that being a runner has helped?
Chasing a bus I was about to miss. Speeding down the terminal trying to make a flight, heart rate at about interval level. 😉
3) What’s making you laugh today?

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4 thoughts on “That’ll Light a Fire Under Your Runner Butt

  1. Definitely been thankful to be an athlete when making that mad dash for a connecting flight! I’m also thankful for my athleticism in my daily life – of course, it’s essential now that I “work” in fitness – but even before, when I was a scientist, I could handle long hours at the bench, moving/climbing/grabbing big and heavy things from inaccessible places, and keeping my mind ‘in the game’ even when my body was getting fatigued. I think endurance athletes make great employees – as long as calf sleeves don’t bother you! 😉

    I will say, however, that I don’t exactly like this ‘Don’t be the slowest!’ sentiment spread around too much. I know it’s all in good fun, but as someone who works with new runners, I can definitively say that this kind of thing plays on their biggest fear: being the slowest, being last, holding everyone else up, etc. etc. So I try to steer clear of it, even in jest.

    • endurance athletes are totally the best employees, we’re good at ‘numbing’ out and just plowing thru work until it’s DONE. mentally and physically. 🙂

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