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  1. I was working out while my iphone kept me updated via twitter. Great motivation – kept me thinking about when I get my chance to shine 🙂 I made the same women’s predictions. I’m so happy Kara made it. She is one of my biggest role models – one thing that sticks out in particular for me is that she had a sacral stress fracture, an injury that doesn’t seem very well known to many people, and I had one too, so seeing her come back from that is so inspiring to me! I started crying when she was crying, I was so happy for her!! Oh and I hope I can look like that after a baby 🙂

    My men’s predictions were Ryan, Meb, and Dathan. Meb seriously killed it out there, and I felt so bad for Dathan. Watching that on TV.. oh it just hurt!! He’s still an amazing runner regardless, and I’m sure he’s crushed, but he’ll have his time to shine. If Meb could do it at his age, so can Dathan!

    • yes, kara is the PERFECT role model in oh so many ways!! and use her as an example for u….she’s had stress fractures and other injuries in the past too, but she never gave up and keeps on going! 🙂

      oh, i was so so so rooting for Dathan, but in my book he’ll still be going to London, i’m pulling for him to make the 10k team. 🙂

  2. Today was just such an awesome running-filled day!! I’m SO happy Kara made the team…I kind of had my doubts after the year she’s had, but she did it! I totally cried when she crossed the line and started crying lol. I knew Desi and Shalane would be in there for sure, I think the american ladies are going to be a force to be reckoned with this olympics!! And omg Dathan…i REALLY wanted him to make the team. I def cried a little when he came in 4th, ugh. BUT that said, I do love Ryan Hall and Meb (and had actually never heard of Abi, but he’s super cool!), so I definitely think the race turned out well. Aaah so exciting! I wish I could’ve been there! (I ended up not having enough $$ haha)

    • boom…never have any doubts on my girl. 😉 oh man, can’t say it enough how much i feel for dathan, but the dude’s so going to make the 10k team!!

      oh, man, abdi’s been around for ages and people usually count him out, he usually flies under the radar but he’s been on some Oly teams.

  3. I am in awe of all these super humans. Even if you just make it to the trials you are amongst a select few on the planet! Congratulations to every single person who took a step out in that field today, you are an inspiration to us all.

  4. Haha I watched this at work yesterday with my patient in his room. I think he got really into it. Those couple hours FLEW by in my head, it was incredible watching such talented runners compete with each other.

    I feel bad for the guy who got 4th place, but I feel like he can hold on to a little hope because if something happens to one of the top three (injury, whatever), he’d be heading over there! I wonder if they even send them over as alternates.

    • haha…i love this comment because i’m sure those hours flew by for the runners too…not!! hahaha…sorry, just kidding around. 🙂 but seriously, i am addicted to the coverage. 😉

      i know dathan (4th place) will get his way over to London, i’d say he’s gonna be on the 10k team! 🙂

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