The Blister Atop My Runner Toe: Getting the RIGHT socks and shoes to spare your feet extra suffering (Injinji Giveaway)

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35 thoughts on “The Blister Atop My Runner Toe: Getting the RIGHT socks and shoes to spare your feet extra suffering (Injinji Giveaway)

  1. You’re going to lol (I hope anyway), but I actually can do things with my toes. I pick stuff up, can write my name (not very legible, but can do). My husband calls me monkey girl (lovingly, of course). It’s a wonderful gift I have! If I don’t feel like bending over to pick something up, I just use my toes! Nice!

    I don’t usually get blisters, but I do get a cut. TMI? Sorry. Something about my toe next to my pinky hides under my middle toe and will make a cut – doesn’t matter how short I cut that nail. So, on my long(er) runs, I’ll find an “red (ick) injury” when I take off my shoe.

    I actually had to go an entire size larger when I got into running. That was a little hard to accept. But my feet were happy that I put the cute small shoe back and went for the larger one. Actually, I have my husband buy them so the clerk won’t judge me when buying such a large shoe for my size.

    I’m not big on things between my toes either, but if it takes care of the above “injury” than I’m all for trying it and putting up with the distraction. Hey, maybe the distraction will take my mind off my other imaginary problems (is that a bug on my leg?, does my ankle hurt?, how far have I been?, am I almost done?) – you know regular running thoughts.

    I’m thinking compression or crew. The no-show have a tendency to slip down my heel. Yea, I’m full of issue!

    Okay – thanks for reading this really lonnnnggg comment. Hope I win! Have a great weekend. Love your post and art.

  2. These socks look fantastic! I am so prone to blisters even in regular shoes…thank goodness the runners I use seem to work for my feet but I still run into (no pun intended!) problems in that department. That and my toenails rubbing on adjoining toes and causing blood loss 😛

  3. I have horrid blisters on the sides of my big toe, I am glad sandal weather is finally done b/c I was tired of hearing peoples comments on how bad they looked. I have heard about these socks and would love to try them:)

  4. Hi Cait, I’d love to try out a pair of these! I’d be open to any of them but the ones that are most similar I think to the kind I wear and like are the Mid weight – padded interface. I’ve never tried toe socks but think it might be cool. I don’t have issues with blisters but I do have one very bruised, sore, distorted at this point nail on my left foot. Unsure if its a sock or shoe issue but it must be and it hurts!! Maybe this will address it?

    Either way, thanks as always for your awesome posts!! I read religiously but rarely comment because its a pain to do from my phone. : )

  5. If I had to pick my favorite Injinji sock, I’d choose the Original Weight, Moderate Interface sock (in black) from the performance series.

  6. I occasionally get blisters and black toenails and have many scars on my feet. My husband and I always say I have the ugliest feet in the world! If I could use them to do anything, I think I’d want to do something that would really creep people out like type with my toes!

  7. Hey Cait,

    1. I would love to try some socks! I’m running my first marathon this Sunday and got blisters on my arches in training (never got those before!).
    2. I found your site in reading articles about running races/marathons, but I recognized your name and figured out it was from CIF XC Div 2 Championships in 2003 (long time ago). I was a freshman alternate so I wasn’t running but watching and I do remember that you (along with my teammates) were my hero that day. Congratulations, way past due, on winning. 🙂

    3. I just liked your facebook site.

    Thanks for the info!

  8. I don’t usually get blisters but now that it’s getting cold my feet get cold while I’m running! I already use my toes/feet to pick things up from the floor sometimes haha It’d be sweet if you could use them to type so you could do other things with your hands – like eat a bowl of soup. haha

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