The Great Running Shirt Race!

It’s summer, we run, we sweat, but in an awesome running shirt even a drippy, sweaty beast like me looks cool. 😉 This Arty Runnerchick has been working away on new designs and is excited to announce that I’ll be expanding on the line! You can check out my very first shirt, of the Get Chicking movement, in cased you missed it…or mosey on over to the store.

BUT…I need all of your help first! I want to know which designs you like, which ones you love, and which ones maybe not so much. You’ll be the ones deciding which running shirts will be the new additions. So if you could please take a few moments of your time and fill out my survey, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, it would be a huge help if you do like what you see to then pass this survey onto your friends…make sure the shirts YOU like the best make the cut!

Enjoy the SNEAK PEEK of what is to be coming soon!! 🙂
***I’m sorry for the technicial difficulties, the stupid javacode isn’t giving me the non-scrolling dimensions I want so if you find the scrolling annoying you can visit THIS LINK and fill the survey out there. Thank you for your patience!***

Happy Friday!! Go get your sweaty beast run on. 😉

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