The Running Infection: Spreading and changing lives

Running changes lives. It seeps into every facet of our lives, our being, our personality.

What running grants upon us isn’t purely the physical…but let’s be honest, runners have ROCKING legs!
running changes lives
Legs concrete hard, calloused from all the miles we force upon them. The workouts that toughen our muscles as much as our minds.

A runner’s brain is hard-wired for work and dedication. Numbers as benchmarks, goals we hold steadfast too. A runner’s mind is a powerful weapon. We see obstacles not as impossible but merely as challenges.

It’s fun to watch new runners ‘transform’ into one of us, one of us ‘crazies’. Eventually there comes the day where they scratch their head and say, “I used to dread this stuff, but now I go crazy if I DON’T run!”

Running is infectious.

Confidence. That is the big one. Self-esteem comes from knowing you are STRONGER than most. Stronger than most non-runners even care to bother wondering if they could handle. We push our own limits.

Eventually runners see our own physicality different. We are not just ‘things’ to look at, our bodies, our legs, our arms, our glutes, our core is a vehicle for DOING.

This running infection, it percolates into every pore, oozes into our ‘real life’, makes us more resilient for all of life’s other tests.

Life will test us. But when you’re a runner you’ve been there, been tested plenty. You’re concrete hard and will PERSEVERE through anything.

Bring it.

1) What physical body part are you most proud of?
2) What personality trait are you proud of that has grown stronger through running?
3) Running seeps into all of life’s other areas, my friends make fun of me when….[finish the sentence]
I do my funny lunges and squats in front of the house after my run. 😛

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8 thoughts on “The Running Infection: Spreading and changing lives

  1. I am proud of the tenacity running has given me, which seeps into other areas of my life. When the tasks get piled on me at work and I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and then take them one “mile” at a time.

    My friends make fun of me when I walk around with my arm in the air, waiting for my Garmin to get a signal. 🙂

  2. I have pretty strong legs – the only downside is I can’t wear the super cute tall boots – my calves are too big. Oh well, I love all of my cowboy boots!!!
    I think personality wise, I pretty much approach everything with a “can-do” attitude. I don’t look at something and think – oh, I need a guy to help with that. I just buckle down and do it!!!
    My friends make fun of me when I say I’m going to run for 3 or 5 or _ hours. Not sure why?!

    • hahaha…yea, i don’t think ‘normal’ people can wrap their head around actually CHOOSING to run, let alone for multi-hour long runs. 🙂 u’re just cool like that though, u know it!

  3. Well, firstly I would like to say that you, Miss Cait Chock, were a huge part of my running journey changing my life! I can’t go a day without hitting the pavement now or I go crazy! I think I am proud of the way that out of all the things I have started over the years, running is something that I have kept on with, even on the rainy days, the days when I’m tired, or just lazy, I know that if I get out there the reward is greater than the effort expended. As for physicality? I love my strong shoulders and my feet that never quit! Running has seeped into my life. My boyfriend makes fun of me when I try to wear heels out of the house and then change at the last minute because I don’t want to risk twisting my ankle before my next run…

    • awww, this comment made my day!!! and the coolest thing has been WATCHING you grow and improve as a runner. your blog was one of the first i ever started reading…i think you were my first ‘follower’ and i reciprocated back on the ‘old’ blog. do let me know if i need to stop calling you chickpea by the way, if it bugs you. 😛 anyways, it’s been so AWESOME to become ur cyber-BFF…if only some of your cooking prowess would rub off on me. :/ sadly, i read and drool over ur creations but know my limits and stay out of the kitchen. 😉

      • You can totally keep calling me chickpea!!! I love that nickname. I am trying to get my boy to call me that but he just refuses – instead I get lizard (long story, which I will tell you when I come and visit you and bake for you!!).
        I have been so appreciative of your support in both running and blogging over the years – can you believe it’s been nearly three years since this whole cyber-friendship began! I can’t wait until we get to meet in person one day 🙂

        • lizard?!?! okay, yes, i will be needing to hear THAT story! u tell him he better find a better nickname or he’ll have to deal with me. 😉 and i can’t believe it’s been 3 years!!!

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