The Stupor You’re Feeling is Olympic Induced Brain Fog

A message from our runner-selves in the morning…

Yes it’s me…I’m you in only a few hours in fact. If you’re not quite sure which day it is, then just refresh the London Olympics results page on your browser…it’s that tab on the left. That disorientation you’re feeling could be called Olympic Brain Fog caused by periodic wakings in order to catch the London 2012 action.
london olympians
These past weeks are catching up with you, you see. You can’t really call what you’re doing to the ‘morning’ runner you very fair. I mean here you are napping in hour increments, rushing to the TV and/or computer in a dash to get your fix of the coverage.

Albeit it’s worth it, I mean you can’t very well miss these events…I see where you’re coming from, but if you can see from my perspective a bit, I’m getting the short end of the stick. I wish I could stay the night and early morning runner you, but somewhere along this quasi-time-line there’s the shift change and it stinks.

I must peel myself off of the drool crusted laptop, away from the DVR remote doing that repeated loop of the 1500 meter final for the fiftieth time and greet this blasted day. I’m chugging along on a mix of adrenaline, excitement and necessity…but how much longer can this Olympic Madness continue?!

My runs are interesting, there’s the dual personas…the one who’s every muscle fiber and synapse is electrified thanks to inspiration overload. Then there is the one who remembers that you are, in fact, sleep depraved.

But I know, I know, it’s worth it after all. I acknowledge that we are running addicts, track obsessed, glutton for distance running. I guess I just needed to vent…I think I’m just jealous of night/early morning you. The one who gets to see all these running highlights, gets to white-knuckle grip the TV remote, update the live Twitter feed every hundredth of a second. I feel a little short-changed…staring at result sheets just isn’t the same as living vicariously through the athletes in real, London time. 😉

1) Have you been sleeping some sketchy hours in order to watch the London coverage live?

2) How is early morning you feeling about this?

3) Which have been some of your highlights thus far? If you could win a medal in any of the events, what would it be?

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10 thoughts on “The Stupor You’re Feeling is Olympic Induced Brain Fog

  1. You a Gemini, by any chance?!

    It’s 2 weeks in 4 years. Just do it. :-D. How have your runs been?

    I have been pretty conservative, and a lot of the good stuff is on before bed for me, so I’m not quite so weary. Don;t give up now – I’m sure you have another loop to watch!

  2. I’m grateful for DVR personally, not that stuff comes on when I can’t see it, but the women’s marathon was during my Sunday morning run and you know I recorded it to watch later, hehe. Love some Olympics and really anytime running is on TV, I am watching :).

  3. So I haven’t gotten any sleep the past few days, but because my best friend was here. And I have to recatch up on my Olympic action all I got to see was Dibaba.

  4. I’ve been very lucky – we have a DVR so I can tape whatever interesting events they actually show and just watch them at my leisure. However, the men’s triathlon the other night had me staying up to all hours just to watch the finish, and Sally Pearson yesterday morning was worth the early wake-up time. Definitely on inspiration overload though, and looking forward to my next run tomorrow. Darn this going to work thing or I’d be out there pounding the pavement again today 🙂

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