14 thoughts on “The Super-Secret Miracle to Getting Better…

  1. So there’s not some magic pill you speedy runners take to make you go so fast? Bummer. Ha! As a newish runner, this is good news for me…I’m not naturally fast by any means, but if consistency is what it takes–I can do that!

    • u have been rocking that training, vanessa! u keep it up, and like i said the more u stay at it and keep doing wat u’re doing the better u will become. trust me, the times will come with workouts, but in addition to that u need that ‘base’ of cardio and that comes from the easy days/cross training/long runs! after ur 20 miler u also need to remember the other important factor: recovery! read as: veg out and pig out. 🙂

  2. the secret to achieving most things in live take a lot more work than the “secret shortcuts” we are initially looking for… but the pay off is that much greater! 🙂

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  9. ya, I am not consistent at all right now. My race proved that to me – I was WAY slower than I usually am having not run for 2 weeks and only running 12 miles this whole month! lol

    • ya, it’s crazy how quickly we ‘lose’ it but the good news is the more consistent u are they QUICKER those legs snap back thanks to muscle memory…u’ll be right back asap! 🙂

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