There’s Magic in That Stride

And so, mid-stride, she exclaimed, “My goodness, there must be magic in these running shoes!”

To which her Fairy Godmother replied, “Oh yes, My Dear, there most certainly is!”
running with magic
“Does it ever go away?”

“Well, My Dear, it does wear off eventually over time,” Fairy Godmother paused, “but you always know how to come back to this magical feeling.”

For a time neither spoke, neither had to. The runner knew the answer, she knew no clock would chime Midnight and steal her magic away.

And so she ran on. She breathed in the magic, a creation of her own body.

She ran on into the night…a trail of magic behind her.

1) Anyone racing this weekend?!
2) Which workout leaves you feeling the most ‘magic’?
Longer stuff…tempo runs are quite nice.

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8 thoughts on “There’s Magic in That Stride

  1. Cait this is so beautiful! I am always so grateful when I can take a moment during my run to pay attention to the magic of being out there on the road and feeling the natural motion of my body.
    I can’t wait until everything has healed enough so that I can bring back my morning runs!

    • BIG HUGS!!! my gosh, i’ve been thinking about you and sending you big hugs and positive healing vibes. you take care of yourself, i’m glad you’ve been cleared to take some EASY runs…savor those endorphins but listen to your body too! xoxo

  2. Love this! For me the more intense the session the bigger the high but as for “magic” that happens in those effortless runs when running and your body are one. And exactly like you so PERFECTLY described you are in awe. I long for those moments!!!!! :=)

    • oh, i give the high after crushing hard workouts ‘endorphins 2.0’ hehe. yes, those magic moments…you will have them soon!!! trust me, Girlie!! 🙂

  3. I feel the most magic after a solid long run. A great long run is second only to a late-evening summer track workout. After those track workouts I drive home with the windows down and just feel like I’m floating.

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