There’s Miles and Madness About to Ensue and You Don’t Want to Miss it!

Runners, miles, smack-talk…it’s September Miles Madness!! Because all great things need to be hyped up to Twilight proportions (but please, everyone agree to like us more! hehe) Ashley and I present to you this Fall’s most talked about and by far most entertaining video preview…

That’s right. September it is ON!! Tomorrow morning come back to either this site or Ashley’s to read the full run-down on the Miles Madness Competition. Pick a team (obviously you’ll be choosing mine), dedicate your miles, get in on the fun and smack-talk too if you like! There will also be prizes…who doesn’t want prizes??

Get ready to run this war!!

1) Are you going to join??

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9 Responses to There’s Miles and Madness About to Ensue and You Don’t Want to Miss it!

  1. Haha that was awesome! I will totally join your team. My miles are kind of low for the month of Septemeber but I promise to try my best!!

  2. Patty T

    I love, “Yeah, that will happen when Oprah runs a sub 3 marathon”. Obviously, I pick Team Cait.

  3. staples

    Don’t worry, Cait, you’ve won already. My progession over the last month will have me in the 100-110/week range next month. ;)

  4. I swear I commented – maybe not? I am so on team Cait – though my ‘real running’ miles aren’t too high right now!

  5. It’s on! I am so on your team Cait!

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