There’s Only One High I Chase

Runner’s…I fully endorse living this high life.
endorphin high
Reminder! The #coreandcake party is happening next Friday…here are the det’s!

More running MOTIVATION


1) What’s getting you high this weekend?
2) Is the sun poking out for you yet?
3) Best way to reward a hard running workout or race?
A hint…it’ll always be tagged #getinmybelly πŸ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “There’s Only One High I Chase

  1. Your questions made me think – I don’t know that I ever have really rewarded a good run. I think it’s time – new shoes? New running gear? More wine??? Better figure it out!!!
    I like your #coreandcake party – I should try to participate – I’m the worst at this kind of thing so I will see!

    • dang, Girl, that’s an ORDER to start rewarding yourself! and after that speedy 8 miler (6min last mile…smoking!!) you BETTER double up on that reward, i’m thinking new shoes and wine…heck, throw in some new running clothes too! hehe. #treatyourself
      oh, and i’d LOVE for you to participate, i know u’re crazy busy though, but if you find time and it works out, email me. πŸ™‚ either way, u better eat some cake…i know u’re good for the core everyday!

  2. No sun here πŸ™ It’s windy (30-40mph winds) and spitting snow. Boo. I was going to do a long trail run yesterday, but it poured all day. So I was going to hit a regular running trail today, but its so darn cold and windy. So now it’s looking like I’m going to hit the ‘mill. It’s still a run, so I’m not sure why that feels like a cop out.

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