Treadmill Quirks And New Shoes Equals Happy Feet!

Happy Saturday my bloggy friends! What are you all up to? Well, remember how I was b****ing about it still being cold up here? Well, no longer…thank you Mr. Sun! That said, it is a little tricky only because here in P-town lots of apartment complexes just don’t have AC. That’s fine because we don’t need it most of the year, but there are always a few rough weeks were I sleep with the fan blasting full force down on me and I’m still a drippy mess.

Hey, but ENOUGH complaining out of me! haha…I’m a total weather weenie and so I apologize; though on the whole I’m really happy to be blessed with some rays of sunshine! Okay, all this weather talk makes me feel like I’m an old granny, so moving on.

Today on the menu was a long run; I did it on the treaddy (a long run? really, Cait? I know, I need to bite the bullet and just get over my outdoor aversion/scaredy cat/freakiness!) and I’m not even going to admit what was on the TV. (at least it wasn’t Lifetime, okay?!?!) Total clocked in at 12 and some change and I pushed the middle five as a breakdown tempo. The thing with me and treadmills, brace yourself for yet another quirk of mine, is it bugs me that the one in my gym starts clocking the distance at the target pace while it’s ramping up to that speed. So by the time you actually get moving the ticker says you’re already about .6 ahead of where you ‘really’ began. Okay, what is that? 100 meters…nothing, I know. But then here’s the OTHER thing, and this one really cheeses me off, the darn treadmill has a max time limit of 60 minutes. Well, what about if you want to run more than that? You have to rest the thing, and then you have to start over again, and then you have to go through the whole ramping up process again.

So then, I can’t just end my run at 12 miles on the dot, can I? Of course not OCD Cait. So I do a little ‘cushion’ and run at least .12 longer. Well, so I was going about my biz today and got a little caught up in the show and so my run ended up being almost 13, not quite but closing in on, but whatever, I’ll take the little extra, think of it like dessert. 🙂 And anyways, I think I need to send some workout love to my girl Katywho is being SMART and nursing that knee of hers back to full health. Don’t worry, she’s been tearing it up on the dance floor as cross training, so you all should also donate her some miles yourself and wish her a speedy recovery!

Secondly, I did something stupid, something I know better than to do. I tell people how important it is to not neglect this, but I did it. I’ve been running in the same pair of shoes for far too long. Really, it was more just that it kind of slipped my mind, but my body started to remind me in the way of just little aches and pains. Nothing too major (at least I’m hoping…haha) but just some cries for some new kicks, ones that aren’t beaten down and lacking the necessary cushioning and support.

Running shoes are expensive too! So ya, the cheapo in me isn’t all to thrilled, but I figure our sport really doesn’t need all that much equipment so when you do get your shoes DON’T skimp out! It’s not worth it at all, because I know if I do I’ll only wind up injured and trust me, the cost of shoes is far less of an issue than the loss of my sanity.

Yup, so broke in a new pair, I’m an overpronator so got me my stability shoes and must say my feet are happy. Also, please note that in the pic my top is red and look, so is the little trim around my shorts…now for this total fashion disaster this was a pretty ‘on’ day for me! 🙂 On that note, I’m off! Hope you all are having a great Saturday…and for all those now free of school for the summer…HURRAH!! 🙂

1) Do you have any freaky quirks about treadmills like me?

2) Do you change your shoes as much as you should?

Usually I do, or if I forget I get on it right away. I go through shoes really fast, that’s why it’s smart to make a note in your training log anytime you get a new pair, then you should replace them anywhere between 300 and 500 miles.

3) What’s going on for your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Treadmill Quirks And New Shoes Equals Happy Feet!

  1. Hey Cait! Treadmill quirks…I have the exact same one about the time – ramp up issue! I'm just impressed you ran 13 miles on the treadmill…that's amazing!

    This weekend so far I ran a race and hung out at the pool! (gotta write the recap!)

  2. haha….seriously, i think they need to make a treadmill custom to our little quirks and issues! 😉

    i just commented and begged you to update us on how you did!!! great to hear you pounded out the race, always a great way to start a weekend! 🙂

  3. I have the same issues as you! I can't wait to get my own treadmill so I can have the time go longer than 60 minutes. On REALLY long runs on the treadmill at the gym (ok, long for me) I end up starting it 3 times. So annoying!!!

  4. I'm the same with the treadmill! I trained indoors for my very first marathon (don't ask why) and it got really annoying to keep on stopping and re-starting the darn thing!

    I neglect my feet too often I think. I should be keeping a log to ensure my shoe mileage isn't too high. One gentleman I met actually told me he gets a marker and writes the date in which he begins his training right on the sole of his shoe (kind of where your arch is so you can't really see it). Pretty cool idea!

  5. that is a really good idea to do with the shoes…i may just have to steal that one, thanks! 🙂

    and it sounds like i'll have to start circulating a petition to send to these dorks creating treadmill programs…hehe.

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