What I’m Doing This Wednesday…

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I’ve noticed that tons of people take part in some kind of ‘What I…’ themed post on Wednesdays. (Why all the love to Wednesday, is there a reason this day of the week seems to get so much more attention than the rest? Jk.)

I have yet to take part in any of them for a few reasons: 1) At first I just didn’t catch on to the whole acronym thing, I started to see it popping up everywhere, and it confused me. Yes, I’m lame, but then when I did figure out what the things stood for it again took some time for it to sink in that there was a trend and not something specific to just one blogger.

fresh carrots

Yes, carrots make the cut! (pic is from a design i sent to...duh, new seasons market...lol.)

2) I don’t do the ‘What I Ate’ thing because really, if I posted up what I ate each Wednesday it would take everyone about two weeks to see that I basically eat the same thing all the time. It would be boring, and to be honest I might just be tempted to make a template and repost it every time since the odds that it would still be the truth would be stacked in my favor.

3) I don’t do the ‘What I Worked Out’ one because again it’s typically the same thing. I know I need to mix it up, it’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

4) Maybe I’ll just toss this in and pretend that it’s because I’m a rebel without a cause. Nah, but the truth is that I’d probably just forget after a few weeks.

Although, I thought I saw one about ‘What I’m Thankful For Wednesday.’ I could be wrong, but let’s roll with that one. I can do that and at least for today, who knows what next week holds, like I said I’ll probably end up forgetting.

*I’m thankful to not be living in a box. Bwahaha…it was iffy there for a bit (juuuust kidding) but I am one of those people who is always really paranoid about just being flat out broke. I get nervous when I spend a lot, even if I know I have enough saved up and need whatever I’m purchasing. (Here, I’m not even going to say what I think constitutes ‘a lot.’) My mom rags on me for being a cheap-o but I like to just think I’m cautious? The thing though is that the only time I don’t feel as guilty is when I’m buying something for someone else that I care a lot about.

princess and unicorn

This princess is my sis!! (i made this card for her bday awhile back)

*I’m thankful to be closer to my siblings/family. Actually, they are probably the top two ‘get out of guilt free for spending’ cards for me.

*I’m thankful that I just found some gift cards that I forgot about. They are to Borders and since they are going out of business I need to use them fast, and I just got emailed another coupon…I’m all over this. If anyone has any book or movie suggestions, let me know!

*I’m thankful that now I have my own treadmill and TV viewing space. There is nothing worse than not being able to get on a machine at the gym, getting stuck with a treadmill that is at a wonky angle and you can’t see the TV, get a treadmill at the opposite end of where a fan is located, or being stuck watching something you really don’t care about or like on the TV. Now, I get to be the selfish kid who always gets their way with the remote. I also can place a fan right next to me that staves off my crazy sluggy salty sweat-fest self. Wow, I paint a pretty picture.

In my typical sarcasty self way, I’m going to add in some things that fall under the category of ‘What I’m Hoping for in Wednesdays to Come’:

*Be rid of some pesky blisters on both of my big toes. I usually don’t get really bad blisters all too often, so I guess this was a long time coming. They’re the ones that are mutants between blisters and calluses, I seriously should hire the 7 Dwarfs to go in there and mine, maybe they’d come up with some diamonds??

*Google Reader to stop hating me. I keep hearing that people aren’t getting my new posts since the Blogger transition. I guess I peeved off the wrong people, and I’m sort of scared that Google is tied up in it. I mean should I expect more forms of punishment forthcoming?

running shoes

*Just randomly be granted a lifetime supply of: running shoes, running clothes, a tad of fashion sense, a scanner and computer that get along, a freezer and fridge large enough to hold limitless quantities of my staple foods, limitless quantities of all my staple foods, and to never have to worry about my stupid hair flying into my face while I’m running. I don’t know how the last one would work out, I don’t want to be bald, but maybe I’d just have that hair block type thing you see in cartoons???

I’m sure there are other things, I know that they are, but all in all I’m pretty thankful this Wednesday. The goods outweigh any of my snarky remarks and right now I know that I’m lucky. There are others having much worse Wednesdays, my heart goes out to them and can only say, “Get through life’s shiznit…stay the course!”

1) If you do any type of ‘What I … Wednesday’ what is it and do you feel like you have to be ‘on’ and make it extra interesting?

2) What’s something you’re thankful for this Wednesday?

3) What’s something you’re hoping for in Wednesdays to come?

4) What are some book or movie suggestions I should spend my gift card on?

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Doing This Wednesday…

  1. I really loved this post!! Like you, I’ve never gotten on the WIAW train. Even though I like to see other people’s eats and recipes, I think my daily meal plan would bore people to death!

    I’m thankful for having such a beautiful place to run in. Not everyone gets perfect weather and a perfect backdrop for pictures! I really had a gereat day and I have to attribute it to the city in which I live (although I do take it for granted sometimes and wish I lived somewhere else)!

    In Wednesdays to come I hope for speedy legs just like yours. Actually I hope for that every day.

    I haven’t read it yet, but I have been hearing really good things about The Help and The Happiness Project. I really want to read them both!

    • so i’m SOOO mad cuz i replied to this comment and now i’m looking and seeing the comments i wrote to BOTH u and julia have disappeared?!?! ummm, i thought i left these probs back in bloggertown!

      at any rate, i wrote that i agree u have some fab places to run in and as for eating the same things…hey, if we like it then everyone else can just bugger off! 😉 jk. but then i made a remark that i’ve seen all the scrummy things u eat and i HARDLY think anyone finds it boring…just droolworthy! 🙂

  2. yay!!! love this post! and I kinda wish I got nervous when I spent money like you said you do…i am way too confident in the whole “it will work out” thing when I spend money. oops. shopping is therapy though right??? i hope so. haha!

    so jealous of your Borders gift cards!!!!!!! i just went last week and bought 2 books…I already want to go back in again! I bought The Happiness Project and Dean’s 50 in 50 book.

    I agree with your reasoning for the WIAW. I eat the same thing EVERY day. I am pretty boring. haha. I started WILW (what I learned wed) on my blog…well maybe other people do it too i don’t know. but for me i started my blog and running because it is all about the journey to me. I want to learn more about running, life and myself as I go so I felt like the theme fit 🙂

    hope you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!

    • read above, i dunno where my comment to u went?!?! i’m mad cuz i wrote a long one as per usual, so i’m sorry but now u can only get the cliff notes version…lol.

      okay, nothing wrong with retail therapy, so long as my julia bud is smiling!!! thanks for the book suggestions and i will get on that! finally, i LUV how u started the what i learned wed, cuz it’s totally unique and i always steal knowledge from reading wat u have to share. 🙂 i too hope u are doing great!!

  3. Aaagh! I tried to comment last night but for some reason it shut me out and lost what I had written – internet I shaketh my fist at thee!!
    I completely agree with not doing WIAW, I eat the same thing everyday. In fact if I am having a spectacularly boring day and have forgotten my lunch I end up having oatmeal for breakfast and lunch. But hey, it works 🙂
    I love the idea of what you are grateful for on Wednesday, just to get over that mid week schlump 🙂 Wednesday was a public holiday here in Brisbane so I was grateful that I got the day off and I got to do the grocery shopping which I really enjoy doing.
    Super jealous of your Borders cards! Spend them wisely my friend 🙂 I agree with Julia The Happiness Project is what I bought last time I was at Borders and it looks good even if I haven’t managed to read it yet! It’s on the pile (which is threatening my life every time I lie in bed).
    Something I am hoping for on Wednesdays to come? Well in two Wednesdays time I hope to be in Yosemite with my darling Ben! I fly out for LA in only 8 days!!
    Keep smiling pretty lady 🙂

    • YES, benny to come…i’m super excited for u! 🙂 u’re too cute.
      any excuse for u to get off of work and go shopping is a score in my book..i think there should be more just ‘get off of work period’ days around…keep things fresh. 😉 thanks for the backing of the happiness projects too, looks like i’ve got at least one ‘for sure’ on my list!!
      arg, sorry about the lost comment…i HATE that…and this girl feels u like none other on wanting to kill a faulty internet connection and stubborn computer.
      hope u have a great rest of ur night, and by now i think it’s only SEVEN days! 😉

  4. I wonder why Wednesday gets all the love? I’m going to have to start some Maniacal Mondays or something to balance it out.

    I’m so thankful that I’ve come out pretty unscathed after 18 months of running–I was thinking about that yesterday, only one minor injury (PF). Knock on wood, but I’m so grateful for that!

    And how did you get so wise Miss Cait? You’re so right about my tempo runs. Me and Garmin are just BFF big time. We should probably take a little break so I can think about something OTHER than my pace. I’m pretty obsessive about ALL things, not just running, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I obsess over splits and times!

    • hey, u’re talking to the QUEEN of OCD and mile/time obsessed. but even i know that sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing. my doc orders would be to second the motion to ditch the garmin and go off of how u feel for a bit. have u done fartlecks lately? just use ur watch and run hard for 1min then 1 min easy and repeat. do the same thing with 2mins hard/2 mins easy. the third week do repeats of 3min’s on/off. then, the fourth week do a ladder: 1min on/off then 2min on/off then 3min on/off and repeat from the start. does that make sense? enjoy some freedom in just running hard and forgetting about wat the pace may be. when u got back to more structured time/pace workouts u’ll feel mentally refreshed. 🙂

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