What? Me, Awesome? If You Say So…

So, imagine my surprise as I’m scrolling down one of my fav blogs and BAM!! What do I see, but this chick right here getting an Amazing Blogger Award?!?! Say what? So after doing my little happy dance…

it was my turn to answer a few questions and reciprocate the gesture. But I have to back up here first because I have my thanks to dole out. Don’t be pulling a lame Oscar move on me, I’m gonna get my time at the podium so no cuing the music.

First I want to thank the AWESOME Christina aka The Athletarian for presenting me with this award. Her blog was one of the very first I got ‘hooked’ on and she welcomed me with open (albeit crazy vegan…haha…totally jk’ing on that one!) arms and has been so encouraging. Who woulda thunk anyone would want to read my ramblings? I don’t even know if my mom reads this…haha. But honestly, Christina lives up to her Athletarian name in every way possible; she is a workout queen, but looks way too gorgeous while sweating it out, she makes all the rest of us feel like scuz-buckets! Her blog is always a blast to read and supplemented by drool-worthy pix of her top eats, hilarious shenanigans her and her hottie bf are up to, and plenty more. So if you haven’t yet, go check her out!

Second I want to thank anyone else who’s reading this. For anyone who’s commented and those brave enough to return. It always makes my day. 🙂 So now on to some Q and A’s:

1) My favorite cartoon character has got to be Tinkerbell!!

(from a break-up card I made a LONG time ago)

My family is well aware of this and you know how you have that person in the family where everyone buys them anything with their ‘thing’ on it, Tink is my thing. Over the years I’ve amassed a scary amount of Tink paraphernalia. Hey, at least I don’t collect ceramic pigs.

2) My favorite thing to photograph…this one is kinda tricky because I hate taking pictures of myself and I’m also notoriously horrible at remembering to bring my camera anywhere. I always plan to but forget. So I’ll go with my top pick here as running or action shots. Also good ol’ family pix.

3) My favorite thing to cook…wow, I’m going to be sucking on a few accounts. As I’ve stated many times I am a micro queen and have boiled water once or twice. I’ll do an easy out and say I can never tire of toasting up some Pop-Tarts…I’ve got mad skills.

4) My favorite way to exercise? Do I have to even answer this one? RUNNING!

5) My favorite movie…while I love Tink my actual favorite move is The Little Mermaid. Splash was up there as a kid too, and The Neverending Story.

I know I need to grow up, so outside of those I’d say Momento, Fight Club, and anything with John Cusack.

6) Favorite article of clothing…gym wear and screened tees.

7) My favorite flowers are pansies. When I was little I went through a phase where I named EVERYTHING pansy, I got a cat during this phase. Pansy was a vicious mo-fo though. I loved the scene in Alice in Wonderland with the talking pansies…but they were mean too, maybe that’s why I like pansies??

8) My favorite breakfast food are chocolate chip pancakes! But I usually have oatmeal and eggs.

9) Favorite books that I’ve read lately; I’m a big Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan, I’ve read nearly all of their books. I’ve been lame and haven’t been able to read much lately…does US magazine count?

10) My favorite place to be is with the fam bam! Love me my sibs…but not gonna lie I get abnormally excited anytime Disneyland is mentioned.

11) Then I’m supposed to add a question of my own. I’ll go with a talent I wish I had. I really wish I could dance crazy good…the fact I really suck hardly stops me though.

Alright so I now get to pass this award on to 5 other fab bloggers! There are MANY I’d like to give a shout out to, and actually a few of them I see have already received the award themselves so I’m going to have to spread the love.

Margs @ The Faster Bunny

Melissa @ The Healthy Cupcake

Emma @ Sweet Tooth Runner

Qiting @ I Bake Who Eats

Cait @ Cait’s Plate (she gets a double award for the cool name status)

Yay for awesome bloggers!!!

1) Fun factoid about yourself, what’s a rando (didja see this Melissa, I have fully stolen your word!) talent that you possess?

I can cram a freeze like NONE other.

2) A talent you wish you had?

3) Do you have a person in your family who collects certain things? Double points if the thing they collect is ‘old ladyish.’

I have an aunt who has a pig fetish. Kinda ironic because she used to be really Spartan about doing any and all fad diets. She had a pig magnet posted front and center telling her not to be piggy.

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11 thoughts on “What? Me, Awesome? If You Say So…

  1. you too sweet, girrllfrriieenndd!
    Fun Facct; Uhhh…my arms kinda bend backwards so i look like a total freak when I do that accidentally :).

    There is a tinkerbell half marathon in here LA in January! I don't know how you feel about racing or traveling to so cal, but it sounds right up your alley :).

  2. SO FUN! love getting to know these things about you and choc chip pancakes are AMAZING! fun fact about myself: I love FISHING. and am pretty sad that I have not been in FOREVER!! haha!

    have a wonderful dayyyy!

  3. margs, should i start calling u freaky arms?? JK!!! that's cool, maybe u're meant to be a member of cirque de soliel? okay, that tink half is super enticing!! will u be running it and donning some a sweet pair of wings?

    julia…u kno i was TOTALLY gonna put u up here but christina beat me to the punch!! 🙂 should i submit u for the catch and release crew? heck, we could send u out on a boat and do a reality show, put that whole sarah palin one to shame. 😉

  4. Aw yay! Thanks for passing along the award 😉 I'll be sure to do it and put it up!

    I loved (and agreed!) with a lot of your answers – especially about my favorite place to be being with my family 🙂

  5. yes, u have been having some awesome fun with ur fam! 🙂 and i'm excited to be able to pass on the award to u…ur blog is always so much fun to visit!

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