When Life Gives a Runner Some Critical Decisions

You see, us runners have a REALLY scientific and sensible way of making the important decisions in life. 😉

running cartoon

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1) Do you decide your workouts in advance? How far in advance? Are you following a training program at the moment or have a coach?
2) Do you pick out your clothes the day before?
I always lay out my running clothes the night before…I like every extra second of sleep. 😉
3) Do you tend to plan your dinner and meals in advance or just wait to see what you feel like?

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12 thoughts on “When Life Gives a Runner Some Critical Decisions

  1. Duck duck goose lol….I never really decide in advance except for my long run standing plan for Saturdays. The rest of the time, I know I will be running/working out and from there I decide once I am dressed and either a)starting to run where I determine how I feel and what I am up for b)if in the gym, how I will cross train and if I will choose the treadmill as well. I never really followed a plan as this plan of mine usually works for me.

  2. I usually know what days I’m going to run but I don’t plan my workouts – it works better for me to just go with the flow and how I feel.
    I lay out my workout stuff every single night – partly so I can keep my eyes closed while I get dressed!
    I do plan out meals – sort of a necessity with feeding the growing boys!!!

  3. I especially like the ice cream goose 🙂 When it comes to workouts, clothes, food, life in general, I’m not much of a planner. I have a training schedule, but I follow it loosely and usually decide which workout I’m doing just moments before I do it. Long runs are the exception. Those I plan for. Same with clothes and food. It all depends on my mood. Guess I’m loosey goosey!

    • Power to the loosey goosey runners! 🙂 And it’s actually super smart to always take in a degree of ‘looseness’ with training schedules, allow that room to adjust depending on how the body is feeling. 🙂

  4. No training plan for me at the moment. When I do have a training plan I pretty much follow it to the T, barring injury, so all of my workouts are essentially planned out months in advance. Since I’m not following a training plan right now, I just figure out at the start of each week what I want to do for the week. It works well for me. Same goes for meals- I usually plan them out at the start of the week.

  5. I’m a planner, a list maker, a goal setter — and then I’m a bit relaxed about it all…
    It seems that once I know where I want to go and want to do I can just relax into the doing of it.
    I like to plan my workouts in advance even when I am not following a training plan – it’s my OCD speaking. I also lay out my clothes, put my key in my pocket and make sure my headphones are next to my iPhone so that I can just grab everything and hit the pavement in the morning 🙂
    As for food. Sometimes I like to plan, and other times I like to see what everyone else feels like before I start cooking 🙂

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