When Running Starts Taunting Me – When do YOU like to get your workout in?

I like to workout first thing. I hate waiting, it feels like my run (workout when injured) is sitting there over my head taunting me, “When are you going to get to me, when are you going to get to me?”

happy runners

I'm MUCH happier after my run/workout. 🙂

It’s really difficult to explain, it’s like there is this pressure and I HATE the minutes between the now and the run but for a mix of odd reasons.

1) I feel anxious or nervous that for some reason I won’t get my run/workout in for the day. But not because I fear something unexpected will come up or plans will change (I’m too anal to blow off my run in lieu of something else), but because when it comes time to actually DO it I’ll be a lazy bum and opt out…this, even though I know myself too well to even believe that would happen.

2) I feel lazy.Yes, crazy, I feel lazy until I actually get my workout done. If I read about workouts other people have done or see people out running, I feel like they are also taunting me and I feel guilty for having yet to do mine.

audrey hepburn

Sorry, no matter how much laughing I do it's not enough of a workout for me...lol.

3) I’m grouchy. Without those endorphins my brain goes into beast mode and I’m just ‘off’ for lack of a better term.

This running taunts me exponentially if I’ve got a hard workout or race to wait for. This is because, let’s be frank, we all try to fool ourselves that the burning and pain of those intervals won’t be that bad, but we know it’s a lie. A thin veil of untruth that allows us to start.

I feel that the quicker I can roll out of bed and into my workout the less time I have to contemplate that lie, to try and dissect it…I’m afraid my mind won’t be buying what I’m trying to sell if I wait too long into the day.

tough kid

I like the feeling after you owned that workout.

For oh so many reasons, I HATE the waiting, I like to get my run in first thing. It’s not just for selfish reasons either because I know I’m much better to everyone around me after I’ve gotten all sweaty and earned those endorphins. 😉

1) When do you like to workout? I know some people cannot do the first thing in the morning at all.

2) Do you get where I’m coming from in feeling like your workout is taunting you until you get it in?

3) When it comes to hard workouts or races, do you seem to feel a little ‘different’ on those days beforehand and does that effect what time you like to do them?

4) Do you really not care at all when you get the run in and are one of those crazy flexible people who just easy, breezy, go with the flow??

5) What’s on tap for your Saturday?

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