Where Running Workouts Truly Begin

The true test of a workout is how you manage when it starts to hurt.
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Ultimately the real benefits come when you start pushing through the pain and running outside of your comfort zone. This holds true both physically and mentally.

Physically the point of hard workouts are to demand more from your muscles. Make them give you more than they’d like to. You tear them down. Recovery allows you to build them back up stronger…but it starts with tearing them down.

Mentally a runner has to be tough. Tough as sh*t. Have confidence in your toughness, wear it proudly. Workouts are mental tests, they teach you to handle the discomfort so come race day you know you’ve been there. You’ve pushed through that pain before, you know you can handle it again.

The workout really starts when things start to hurt. How will you respond?

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We may be hurting but we STILL LOOK GOOD doing it! 😉

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1) Where do you get your confidence?

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6 thoughts on “Where Running Workouts Truly Begin

  1. I couldn’t agree more – anyone can do the first part before it starts hurting and gets hard!!!
    I respond by digging down and getting it done!!

  2. Love this! Last night I ran Fast (with a capital F) for me, and when it started to hurt I knew I had to keep going. Pain (good) = growth as a runner, and as a person too. I dug in and got it done and when I was finished I was so proud that I had stuck with it.

    • YES!!! Chickpea’s got a need for speed!! you keep it up and channeling that inner speed-demon cuz i KNOW she’s in there and only gonna get faster! 🙂

  3. This is something I’m working on lately. I’ve really been struggling recently with not being able to fight through mentally when things get tough. Tell me all of your secrets 🙂

    • just remember how TOUGH you’ve been before and you survived hard workouts and racing. then remember how AWESOME it feels to finish knowing u were tough! 🙂

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