Where the Magic REALLY Happens

Bippidity Boppity…moooove over, Magic Wand, these running shoes are far more magical. 🙂

running princess cartoon
And we don’t need no glass slippers either! Talk about a major injury hazard…who comes up with this stuff?!?! 😉

Personally I like my running fairy tales a bit better with some sweat, endorphins, miles, and runnerchicks and runnerdudes. Speaking of Princesses, no one’s been able to peel me out of my favorite new running shirt yet. 😉
running princess shirt

1) What running shoes are you in love with right now?
2) Do you have pretty pick feet?
3) Where was the last awesome place your magic running feet took you?

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8 thoughts on “Where the Magic REALLY Happens

  1. My very first blog post was entitled, “Princess and the Sneaker” because I am such a sneaker snob, noticing the second my shoes start to wear out. Right now I am in absolute love with the Adidas Energy Boost. They are the best sneakers I have worn and can only hope they don’t remodel them any time soon!

  2. Right now I am in love with my Hokas 🙂 Those shoes, combined with paying close attention to my body, icing, and stretching, has kept my shins very happy lately.

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