Would You Like Liver With That?

I was watching something last night that brought to mind a story. It was one of those times where you remember something that you had thought you had ‘forgotten’ about until some weird brain-spark dug up this nugget; I then spontaneously busted out in laughter looking like the dorkette I am.

Let me paint you a picture: a collective group of runners have been away on a altitude training camp. Needless to say some particularly high up places are not exactly natural tourist attractions (no offense to high altitude places, I said some of them of course not all!!) and so places to go, run, or even eat are skim.
girl on track
Our harriers had just come off of a tough track session…add in attitude and you can bet we were beat…time to get our grub on. Trolling around we wind up at a local, chain-wannabe-esque type diner and I’m blanking at the name. Think of like a Denny’s but they are doing their best efforts to ‘class it up’ just a wee bit. Gotta give them props for trying.

Counting coaches we were a big group, probably about twelve, and we made up about half the populous of that diner. Out come the menus and they had a rather wide selection if I do say so, and in the end the food was pretty good if I remember correctly.

focaica bread

They even brought us a bread basket...I don't think Denny's does that.

Amongst our training group were two Africans, one native of Uganda, and the other visiting in from Kenya. Now, comes the fun part. We get to Alex, from Kenya, and he is making a sort of stink face…nothing really seems all too appealing to him. He turns to Julius, from Uganda, and they exchange a word. (They are actually two of the funniest people ever and speak their own completely unique language, not even a dialect, it’s English but they have these saying, mashing of words in a sentence that only they makes sense of.)

Julius turns to the waitress and says deadpan, “Do you have liver an onions?”

Waitress, “Ummmm,” she’s trying to gauge if he’s being serious or just putting her on the spot, “yea, I think we might have some.”

Alex, “YES!!!!” he literally couldn’t contain his excitement, “I want liver and onions!!!”

Julius equally enthused, “Me too!!!”

They were like kids in the candy-store.

Different strokes for different folks, but if you had watched the fire on the track that had been Alex earlier you probably might have paused for just a moment and wondered if you, in fact, should try a helping of liver an onions.

But then you’d see the plates come out, and realize that those servings of liver HAD to be circa the 1920’s and thought better of it.

1) What are some of your favorite foods that others may find as odd or gross?
When I was little I LOVED to just suck on lemons. Ummm, don’t tell my dentist.

2) Do you live at sea-level or altitude?
Sea-level all my life, and I’m sucking wind any time I go up!

3) How was your weekend and what were some highlights?

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9 thoughts on “Would You Like Liver With That?

  1. I can’t think of anything I like that’s too bizarre…although, my husband and son think I’m weird for liking avacodos. I live at moderate altitude (4500′)…feels great when I visit and run at lower altitudes. πŸ™‚

  2. HAHAHA! that story was a fantastic way to start my morning πŸ˜› I wouldn’t even really expect an east african to be wanting liver…but what do I know lol. I can’t even really think of a food I eat that’s “weird”…except maybe that instead of ketchup, mustard, or mayo I like to put caesar dressing on my burgers and sandwiches…I do often have to ask for it specially at restaurants but I definitely don’t get weird looks for it lol. Hey, whatever makes you fast, right? πŸ˜›

  3. hahaha! love that. what a great story. i cannot think of anything off the top of my head. people used to think i was weird for being able to eat an entire green pepper at any time. not cooked or anything. just like an apple. bahaha. live at altitude currently and it has been awesome for when i go back home…i feel like a rock star πŸ˜‰

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