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Variety Pack A
* Set of five, 4 3/8th by 5 3/4th, 110lb cardstock, ink
* 5 multi-colored envelopes
* $20 + shipping
* Believe Mermaid, Princess Midas, Catwoman, LOVE, Queen of Flowers
card five pack cait chock cards art

FEED ME Card Pack
* Set of five, 4 3/8th by 5 3/4th, 110lb cardstock, ink
* 5 multi-colored envelopes
* $20 + shipping
* Donut Bride, Pizza & Netflix Friyay, Eat a Donut, Pizza You Complete Me, Will Kill For Burgers
feed me five card pack cait chock cards art


** All prints come on 110lb cardstock, size 8.5×11″ unless otherwise noted

hat cigarette profile print

Hat Ciggy Profile – $35

woman with wind in hair and ipod music

Windy Day and Music – $35

cara delevingne scream and smile

Cara Delevingne Scream and a Smile – $35

Cara delevingne stripes artwork

Cara Delevingne Stripes – $35

kate moss art pencil drawing

Kate Moss – $35

hat cowgirl drawing woman nude

Cowgirl – $35

bastille day queen

Bastille Day – $35

nicole richie flowers in her hair

Nicole Richie Flowers – $35


Rainbow Glasses – $35

mermaid believe

Mermaid Believe – $35

ice cream queen

Ice Cream Queen – $35

pink dress illustration

Pink Dress – $35

KISS Rocker girl art

KISS Rocker Chick – $35

California Flower Child art

California Flower Child – $35

Princess Midas art painting

Princess Midas – $35

Cinderella Big Eyes

Big Eyes Cinderella – $35

Catwoman painting

Catwoman – $35

Hair and butterfly pen art sketch

Hair and Broken Wings – $35

Pony Up party on art

Pony Up, Party On – $35

beach day painting art

Beach Day – $35

angelina cigarette art

Angelina Cigarette – $35

alice in wonderland big eyes art print

Alice – $35

realism art cait chock page shop cait chock fame art black and white ink art cait chock
tinies art cait chock page shop

All Works Copyright Cait Chock