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For more information about all my work, or to inquire about a commissioned project, please contact me at:

Love my art? Check out the designs I’ve put to fabric: Ezzere Fitness and Running Apparel

Shop for prints below. To order any work seen, but not listed below, send direct email to:

** All prints come on 110lb cardstock, size 8.5×11″ unless otherwise noted

ice cream queen

Ice Cream Queen – $35

pink dress illustration

Pink Dress – $35

KISS Rocker girl art

KISS Rocker Chick – $35

California Flower Child art

California Flower Child – $35

Princess Midas art painting

Princess Midas – $35

Cinderella Big Eyes

Big Eyes Cinderella – $35

Catwoman painting

Catwoman – $35

Hair and butterfly pen art sketch

Hair and Broken Wings – $35

Pony Up party on art

Pony Up, Party On – $35

beach day painting art

Beach Day – $35

angelina cigarette art

Angelina Cigarette – $35

alice in wonderland big eyes art print

Alice – $35

All Works Copyright Cait Chock

14 thoughts on “Art

  1. Is the Peacock Runner for sale or will it be? I have four on Etsy picked out to purchase but it won’t let me get signed in to pay for some reason. I will try later and I am sure it will work. I LOVE your work. Stumbled onto your site looking up info on stress fractures. :)

    • thank you SO much and i’m glad you’re loving my art! :) i just posted up the Peacock Runner print to my Etsy store, so see if that bugger will let you log in?? That’s weird! if you still can’t get it to work drop me an email and we can get you squared away. :)

  2. I guess I have never checked out your art page before. Do you have plans to do a T-shirt or anything with the top picture (about the injured runner)?

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  4. Caitlin,

    Your artwork is absolutely amazing!
    Drawing and being artistic is one talent I really wish I had /sigh.
    Fab runner and artist? Win win girl!

    I used one of your artworks, the injured runner one in my most recent blog post, and attributed it back to your blog; as well as mentioning that it’s all yours. I hope you don’t mind, I just love it! :)

  5. Hi cait my name is Angie and as aim doing a project on a famous runner and I find u I just want to tell u that I pretty much found a mate because now I now someone shares the talent I have which is art I love art and I can tell u do too its amazing ill make my own web for art in the future!!!!!!!;);)

  6. Hey girlie, just wanted to give you a virtual high five for being awesome. Used to race in cali too and you were/are a great inspiration and just true display of fierceness, determination, strength and all that good stuff :) Rock on :)!

    • Thank you so much, Toni! Your words are so sweet and much appreciated. You’re a runnerchick too so I KNOW you’re just as fierce and strong. :)

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  8. Cait, I remember seeing a drawing of XC and now I cannot find it… the X was the guy’s arms and legs…I can’t find it. May I purchase to download this image? I need it in a hurry. :). XC season is starting this weekend!!!