Happy Father’s Day to my Main Man! :)

I love me my Dad!!! 🙂

Father’s Day is special to me because my dad is seriously the boomdiggidy! He came into my life when I was about 5 and stuck around through some pretty crazy shiznit. I joke that had he knew what was in store for him, the smart thing would have been to go running for the hills! 🙂

DNA does not a father make. It is a guy who is man enough to be there, sacrificing his wants or needs for the betterment of his kids and family.

He is the one who taught me how to ride a two wheeler.

He is the one who then picked me up off the ground when I rode my two wheeler into a tetherball pole. Seriously, those things are skinny, how did I manage to hit one dead on?!?!

He is the one who got into a near throw-down with a lady when she grabbed me by the arm and yanked me towards her and started yelling in my face. Daddy will have none of that! 😉 (PS-that one was actually a pretty funny story.)

He is the one who drove 9 hours up to P-Town to take care of me when I was in full gimp status after my car accident and I could do literally nothing by myself. Sometimes a dad’s job isn’t a fun one. I also appreciated that he spent any free time on that trip deep cleaning every nook in my apartment!

So, my dad is the best! I love him to the moon and back! I hope you all have a father figure just as rocking in your lives. Dads come in many ways, shapes, and forms. Heck, my cousin’s ‘dad’ isn’t technically a male…but it doesn’t matter. A daddy sticks through thick and thin, is there for the laughs and to also scoop up the piles of poop that are sure to amass along the way!

Happy Father’s Day!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to my Main Man! :)

  1. This post was awesome! Your dad does sound pretty freaking amazing! Hope you and your family had an amazing weekend!

  2. thanks u both for stopping by and agreeing that ya, my dad rocks ur socks off! 😉 that said i'm sure u've got some awesome dads too!!

    margs, i'm sorta contemplating throwing myself in front of another car just to have my dad come back and clean. jk 😉

    christina…i too hope ur weekend's wonderful too and perhaps a return visit to the swings was in order? 🙂

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