April First Brings Some Shocking New Reports…

Sunday…up and at ’em! Today’s a big day at the races, I’ve got friends up currently sweating it out in Portland’s Race for the Roses and of course down in California there is the Carlsbad 5000. Though, I guess it could be argued that EVERY weekend is a big day at the races somewhere…us runner’s can really never get enough action, right? 😉

Well, in reading some late-breaking news and studies, I am embarrassed to admit that a LOT of what I’ve thought to be fact and professed to others seems to be a bit off base. I know, even the best of us wind up with pie on our faces sometimes, so let me make a few corrections to anything I’ve said before:
eating pop-tarts
* Pop-Tarts really DO make you faster. In fact a recent study showed that the ‘Smores flavor in particular is going to be added to the list of banned substances. Apparently ingesting them has a similar effect to certain steroids. At this point the doping committee is being a little tightlipped at the moment because they are still making busts, but I’ll follow up on this as more news breaks.

* Warming up is for losers. Contrary to what every coach, sports performance theorist, athlete, and the like have thought for years you really shouldn’t waste any extra energy warming up with running, strides, and drills. From now on, pop in the car and turn up the heater if you’d like and then just get to the line and be ready to riiiiiiip!

* Bringing Records Back to the Ladies!! The IAAF and World Record rectifying committee (hmm, not sure if that second one is the exact term, but roll with it) has retracted their previous ruling to not count female records set in mixed races. I’m THRILLED to report this, as this finally gives Paula Radcliffe back her faster 2:15 Marathon World Record. Upon hearing the news Radcliffe remarked, “I’m glad those flipping buggers finally pulled their heads out of their bums.”
runner silhouette
Okay, okay…April Fools on ALL of that above!! I’m lame, yes, but thought I’d take part in some of the fun. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and aren’t a fool yourself!

I do want to take a moment to reflect on some a really serious matter and I’m not at all joking. In case you haven’t heard Micah True, an ultra runner made famous in ‘Born to Run’ was found dead yesterday in New Mexico. The native of Boulder had been missing for four days after setting out on a run. The loss of a runner should make all of us remember to be grateful for each day that we do have; fill those days with the people who matter and doing what makes you happy. It also should remind us to heed caution every time we do head out for a run, be it on the roads or on the trails, and take safety precautions depending on the environment you’re in. Always let people know where you’re going and how long you plan to be out. Do what you love but always do what you can to ensure you are able to get out there and continue to do it the next day.

1) Do you ever do any April Fool’s Day pranks?
Not usually, I’m usually gullible enough to fall for things all 365 days of the year.

2) If you could pick a food that turned out to be a huge performance booster and thus give you a reason to eat it in gluttonous fashion (but it wasn’t of course steroid-esque…lol) what would it be?

3) What is on your Sunday agenda?

4) Do you do most of your runs solo or with company?

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4 thoughts on “April First Brings Some Shocking New Reports…

  1. That’s really sad about Caballo Blanco. Even though not many of us can hope to live up to his amazing example, his story is a reminder to enjoy every chance we get to hit the trail or the track.
    Born to Run inspired me to start on my running journey, our global village of runners has certainly lost a wonderful spirit. He’s running somewhere else now.

  2. Haha I usually do pranks, I didn’t do any this year though 🙁
    If I could pick a food….it’d be pancakes or eggs. I love them both.
    I had meetings and a debate during my sunday + hw.
    I do most of my runs solo- not gonna lie.

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