Clumsiness is a Curse and SatuRACEs

That was what I looked like last night. Well, not necessarily the ‘roided out Hulkette look, but in my mind that was me. There are a few times that you want to shake your fists at the heavens above and shout ‘Why?!?,’ last night was one of them. Am I being overly dramatic? Yes. Do I have anyone else but myself to blame? No.

As I was carrying my plateful of scrummy dinner to the sofa, plopping down and balancing said plate in one hand, pushing play on the remote with the other, that’s where I made my idiot move. I was getting into that ‘good’ spot on the couch and there was a balance mishap that soon left me a shrimp, noodly-broccoli mess. ACK!! Needless to say I was royally cheesed at myself. Anyways, cleaned the mess up, made dinner number two and finished that movie. Which totally wasn’t worth tossing my dinner for by the way…it was an Irish comedy about two couples who booked their wedding receptions on the same venue. Then again it was a free rental so you get what you pay for.

SATURDAY! Well, I know that is race day for many folks out there, I know some peeps getting their race on, so I’m collectively sending you well wishes. Also, if there is anyone reading this out there who had a race today feel free to take the opportunity to brag on yourself in the comments section…I’d love to hear it! 🙂

Me, I did a longer run and pushed on the middle five. Rounded out with throwing my ginormous weights around (I’ve got to look like that picture, remember?) for a quick upper-body routine and now I’m going to be a lazy bum for the rest of the day. Good times.

On a random note, and maybe some of you gals can relate, as I kept having to swat fly-away hairs from my face the WHOLE run, I was beginning to wish I was just bald. So annoying, and that whole hair/running issue is one of the few times I really envy the guys. (But then I check myself because recently I saw a dude running an entire 5k in a full-body speed suit…not pretty and trust me, those watching do not appreciate it, fellas! haha) I’ve seen pictures of my mom back in the day and she was racing without anything tying her hair back, and I’ve seen pictures of elite women doing the same. That would drive me bonkers. Anyways, I think I need to pick up some of the elastic headband type things, maybe that will work. The only reason I haven’t used them in the past is because I’m paranoid they will either be too tight and give me a headache or they will be too loose and end up slipping and cause me further angst. But I’ve seen lots of people use them…anyone have experience there?

Also it appears that today is the end of the world. Well, what are you doing wasting your time reading my ramblings? I’m flattered. Seriously, I also love how later after the predicted end of the world and they ask these people to explain themselves…the excuses they come up with, but it always ends with them saying that it was just a mistake but they have since come up with the REAL next end of the world day. At any rate, here’s to hoping we don’t all meet our demise before tomorrow! 🙂

1) What are times when you envy the opposite sex?

2) Would you rather known in advance when you were going to die or opt for not knowing?

Ignorance is bliss in my book. And there is always something to be said for living each day like it’s your last. I always try to make sure that I end any exchange with my loved ones on a good note and let them know that I love them, because ya know, you never know. 🙂

I’m off for now, hope your Saturday is shaping up well!

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2 thoughts on “Clumsiness is a Curse and SatuRACEs

  1. I think we must be on the same brain wave since I was just contemplating a purchase of those head bands the other day. My hair annoys me. I used to be super obsessive over it and use a lot of hair spray to stick it down to my head, but after a few years of killing brain cells that way, I've opted to put up with the sweaty fly-aways in my face. I mostly am jealous of guys when it comes to running, not much else. They are faster, have short hair and don't have boobs. That just about sums it up.

  2. haha…glad to hear I'm not the only one who envies the bald. 😉 just kidding, because in the rest of life I definitely would like my hair, but it grates on my last nerve sometimes. That said, I agree that I envy guys being able to run faster, but I'm flat as a board so I don't really have the boob issue…hehe! Maybe one of the few times that one swings to my advantage.

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